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My head is crammed full of ideas. More great ideas for your homeschool and mine! I have great ideas about teaching spelling, grammar, science and history. I want to create these ever lasting memories with my kids and then… well, life comes into play. I’m not sure where the time goes each day. The first thing I notice at lunch time is how much more I’d like to do and how ready my children are for a break! Does this happen to you? I can get very enthusiastic about learning and really love to delve into new projects and activities. However, I realize after many years of homeschool experience that I can easily burn out my kids with too much fun!

Do you need More Great Ideas For Your Homeschool?

Well, look no further. I recorded these sessions on this very topic. If you want to listen to these shows, just click on the pictures for each show below, and the link will take you there. These are all part of the Vintage Homeschool Moms show – which I host weekly.

I spoke about all of the following …



First – what do you do with that idea (like the one I had for this Homeschool Radio Network) and how do you figure out if it is worth pursing or if it is something you feel passionate about creating. I’ve written many books and the process for creating a book, taking your idea from a thought into a printed work is similar to the process of developing a great idea.

Writing a book means taking a germ of an idea … a thought and turning it into something that takes shape and creates a story. Developing an idea is similar, you have an idea and then you look at all the ways you can either continue on with the thought, or shelve it for another time. In this series I didn’t really mention keeping an idea notebook because most of us use digital devices and keeping all your wonderful ideas in a notebook, that can be lost (ask me how I know), is not as efficient as keeping an online notepad on something like Google Drive or a document in Dropbox in a private folder…just for your eyes. Keeping a list of what you’ve created and other ideas that simply will not work is a good way to check your progress. I haven’t invented anything other than stories, companies, Branding (my own publishing company and my husband’s company Brand). However, I’ve always wanted to invent … something!

Best Homeschool Ideas
In Best Homeschool Ideas…along with my friend and co-host, Meredith Curtis we discussed some of our favorite homeschooling ideas and tips. Meredith and I have both graduated several children and she has one left at home in highschool while I have two, currently in highschool at home. In our experience there are some homeschool tips that are really worthwhile. This podcast deals with some of our best ideas!






What about 5 Great Ideas – No … it isn’t what you think. These are more like five homeschool philosophies or thoughts on homeschooling that have kept me at it — an advocate for homeschooling since 1986. Many times we begin an adventure such as homeschooling with a great deal of enthusiasm and focus. But then the trials of daily life and the difficulties railroad our efforts. In this podcast I discuss some of the things that have kept me going in my homeschool journey.







Then I tackled encouraging your child’s great ideas. Here I discussed ways to encourage your child and ways to bring your children’s ideas to fruition. Some people say their kids are not creative or they don’t have ideas to share. Have you found your child’s passion? The one thing that gets them excited or what you find them doing when they are not otherwise engaged in school work? How does our child spend their time? Do they read? Is there a particular type of game they like, television program or movie? Book? Look at these things, see if you can find a pattern and use that as a spring board for encouraging ideas. The idea can be a book topic, a science fair project or a better way to build a bird house. Whatever it is… encouraging is what this podcast is all about.

Now … for those of you with the kids whose brains seemed wired to spill out ideas by the bushel full — I hear you! This podcast will help you with some ways to get those ideas moving in the right direction.

Great Ideas to Organize Homeschool


Now for the truth … I love an organized school room but I am not organized. However, God blessed me with a daughter, now a young adult who is… and the best news? She agreed to come on this podcast and share her ideas and suggestions with you! Not everyone can be as enthusiastic as she is when she talks about organized closets, however she gives some key points in finding a home for your things and great ideas for organizing those pesky toys with the 1000’s of pieces!

Christina was homeschooled, graduated from college with honors, and is now a homeschool mom with little ones of her own!


Even if ideas don’t come to you quickly you should find some nugget that will inspire you to pursue your dreams. Sometimes homeschool moms are so invested in their families, their households and their spouses and extended family that they forget about themselves! I know – because I’m guilty of this as well. My husband realized quickly that if one idea was squelched another one often took it’s spot — and he has coped with the “idea” lady he married (35 years and counting!). What fabulous idea do you have or are you looking for a specific show topic? Leave me a note in the comments and let me know!


  1. Rebekah M says

    Thank you I am still wondering what makes one of my boys tick. Thank you for the encouragement and ideas I can use with him

  2. Thanks for sharing your great ideas. Sometimes I need inspiration!

  3. I’m definitely checking out Developing a Great Idea … I could use some help in that area!

  4. Judith Martinez says

    I love the inspiration! My kids are all so full of ideas and it becomes totally overwhelming sometimes.

  5. Julie Knight says

    Thanks for these audios and lessons and blog posts – always thankful to learn from Veteran Homeschoolers.

  6. Thanks for the encouragement. I’m always looking for ways to open up conversations with my teenagers without turning it into a lecture.

  7. samuel dilbeck says

    Helpful post – I loved the info .

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