New SAT – Writing and the Essay

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new SAT all about writing and essay
New SAT All About The Writing Section and The Essay with Jean Burk 

What are the thirteen most common grammar errors? What are the patterns and how can you find the correct answers? In this episode of College Prep Genius Podcast the New SAT writing portion and essay are discussed along with tips to ace the test.

Show Notes – Ace The New SAT! All About the Writing and Essay Portion of the Test.

  1. Each student has about 35 minutes to take this test with 44 questions on it –  and about 40 seconds to answer each one.
  2. Grammar, style and reading comprehension is the focus
  3. Look for the patterns and each question can be answered in about ten seconds.
  4. There is a fast way to answer each question – college prep genius teaches how this works
  5. One section has a multiple choice section with variations of the answer or one that says, “no change”
  6. Thirteen of the most common grammar errors are tested, words such as affect and effect; as well as access and excess — understand these types of words and differences in each.

The Essay – optional 

Highly recommend you take this portion of the test as it will set you apart from other students since most students will “opt” out of the essay. When colleges have a tie between two students they will look at the essay portion to make their determination. This can help you.

  1. Differences: No longer a prompt questions
  2. The work used is a published work
  3. The essay is analytical
    1. No personal information
    2. No facts drawn in
    3. No information about your beliefs to support the claim
  4. Proven template that works
  5. Objective grading system – looking for key elements
  6. Two different graders have about thirty seconds to read and grade your work

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