Myth No More SAT or ACT Tests

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There is a myth of no more SAT and ACT tests. Is this true? Is it a reality? Listen to this podcast from an authority, Jean Burk.Myth No More SAT or ACT Tests ~ Episode 87

There is a myth of no more SAT and ACT tests. Is this true? Is it a reality? Listen to this podcast from the authority of all things college prep, and a reliable source, Jean Burk!

Visit Jean’s website at There are many wonderful results of students who have taken the online eCourses, virtual boot camps, live classes, and in-person classes. In 2022 Jean has clocked in 17 years of success.

There is a rumor going around that the tests will be abolished especially in regard to no more SAT and ACT tests. At one point the tests were canceled due to the pandemic, however, the CLT was online and many students flocked to this testing option.

These tests are not going away, and here is why. Colleges need a fair way to compare all students. A 4.0 in one high school is not the same as another school. All schools calculate their schools differently. The only way a college can compare a student equally is with a standardized test like the SAT, ACT, or CLT. What is taught at one school is not taught at another.

The questions on these tests are logic tests and the tests are misleading on purpose. The tests are critical thinking skills because these tests are based on logic. Even very smart kids bomb the test. The test does not test what curriculum your student has taken it takes an objective question with one answer. Tests at school are about the subject you learned. But not the standardized test.

The questions used on the tests are drawn from all over the place and can not be crammed for, or studied for at the last minute.  Anyone can do well with practice. Some kids see patterns naturally and are good test-takers. Even if your child is not a good test taker, you can still train your brain to learn logically. SAT reveals that all kids are not the same.

This is not a fair test? No – it is an equal test that people can beat and study for, look for the patterns and figure out the way to do better. The test score can validate your transcript. Critical thinking is an example of college readiness.

No More SAT and ACT Tests?

How can this be true that there are no more SAT and ACT tests? Well, it is not and it is a total myth! If you see a college temporarily put off acceptance based on these tests, you will find there is another roadblock to admittance. (Listen to the podcast for details)

Some colleges in California (the UC – a small part of of the colleges – this currently encompasses 10 colleges). There are over 200 thousand each year that apply. These colleges decided to create their own entrance test. (Do the math – 200,000 x $60 (approx.) brings in a minimum 12 million dollars!

15% percent of schools that were “test-optional” still required an entrance test or a standardized test.

Tests must show a way that you are college-ready – and compare you to another applicant.

Colleges are based on the ranking based on test scores. Right now Princeton is number one, and Harvard is number two – these two schools sometimes trade on the first place. But you must have the highest scores to get into these schools. Rankings help colleges charge more money and take in applicants that will pay full amounts. This offsets other students (possibly sports scholarships) that have lower scores.

There has to be criteria for colleges in order to admit students.








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