Online Election Resources For Students

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Online election resources for students

99: Online Election Resources For Students

With the upcoming election, this seems to be a good time to talk about online election resources for students.

Lots of teacher resources
Also games – Win the White House, Cast your Vote

Race to 270 – simulation that teaches about the electoral college
The Issues – choose reading levels for explanations on what different parties believe about different issues
Kid Reporters – articles about the election written by students

Redistricting Game
5 missions that teach what gerrymandering is

Balletopedia – who is running
List of all candidates by state running in 2020

Take a quiz on different issues to see which party and candidates your beliefs align best with

Listen to we did with the creator of this game, Eric Nelson
In October, a
game specific to the 2020 election will be added
Fanschool Politics allows students to draft “teams” of states or Congress representatatives and track how “well” they do. Visit the website to read all about it

Electing a President web-based unit study
This 4 module self-paced unit study from show sponsor, FundaFunda, uses many engaging resources to teach about US elections and the office of the president. Listen before the end of September 2020 to get a coupon for a 75% discount.

You can find show sponsor, FundaFunda Academy’s online classes and web-based unit studies here

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Online election resources for students

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