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Participate in the Hour of Code

62: Participate in the Hour of Code


The Hour of Code will be held during the week of 9 – 15 December 2019, BUT you can participate in the activities any time during the year.

The goal is not to learn to code, but to learn what coding is and that coding is fun and creative and anyone can do it.

Visit the Hour of Code website to find a wide range of options of short tutorials that will introduce children to code.

Here are a few you will find on the website that I tried out and enjoyed:

Candy Quest

This uses Tynker. The tutorial explains how to use coding blocks and then you use those blocks to solve each challenge.

Kodable – Build your own Fuzz

Start by creating your creature using code, them you use arrows to choose the path for him to move along. There are arrows that show you what to do the first time and it is all obvious. No reading required

The Little Artist In Your Computer Activity Pack

This is a pdf ie unplugged coding. Listen to our episode explaining what that is. You work through it solving each problem with code.

Code it! – Images and Animations

In this tutorial, you learn how to use code to draw and animate

Dance Party 2019

Use coding blocks to achieve dance moves

Banana Tales: Python Coding Game

This activity uses real Python code. You have to adjust it to solve each puzzle.


Use code to make your character move.

Our show sponsor is offering a Scratch Christmas Contest. Students will get access to basic Scratch tutorials and once they have worked through them will be able to create an interactive Christmas scene. Best submissions will win gift cards.

FundaFunda Academy also has an Intro to Game Programming self-paced unit study that provides a gentle introduction to the world of programming.

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