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Peaceful Parenting

Episode 5 Summary: “Peaceful Parenting:  10 Battles that Aren’t Worth It”

In this episode of “It’s Not About Money,” hosts Matt and Charla McKinley, the Artisan of Adulting, discuss the importance of choosing battles wisely when parenting teens. Charla shares insights on 10 battles with teens that may not be worth the struggle.


Basic Hygiene:

Charla emphasizes the challenge of forcing kids to care about basic hygiene and suggests letting them make these choices for themselves.  She shares anecdotes and practical strategies for encouraging teens to take responsibility for their personal hygiene.

Clean Room:

We discuss the battle over teens’ messy rooms and propose letting go of strict cleanliness expectations in their personal space.  Charla encourages setting boundaries that align with family needs without unnecessary conflicts.

Hairstyle Choices:

Charla shares the experience of allowing her son to express himself through a unique hairstyle.  We discuss the importance of letting teens make decisions about their appearance within reasonable boundaries.

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