Preventing Marriage Problems

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preventing marriage problemsLet’s Talk About: Preventing Marriage Problems – Podcast #122

Heading down the slippery slopes of marriage problems happens to many but only those who are proactive seem to escape the dire consequences that doing nothing entails! In this podcast, we discuss some preventative measures for keeping problems at bay and the everlasting happiness we all want to see in our marriages.

Show Notes: Preventing Marriage Problems

Scripture Verses:

  1. Luke 6:27-36
  2. Matthew 5:43-48

What does loving your spouse look like to you? First let’s examine how you love. Is it:


  1. Love without requiring much or anything back
  2. Doing things because you want to
  3. You love to do nice things for your spouse because it makes you happy


  1. You love but you require praise or thanks
  2. You do things because your spouse expects it and if you don’t do XYZ there will be trouble or an argument
  3. You love to do nice things for your spouse because it makes him/her happy

Love Interrupters: Make your own list, here are some of

Make your own list, here are some of mine:

  1. Work Issues / Homeschool Issues
  2. Kids
  3. Household chores
  4. Finances
  5. Time

Ground rules for arguing:

Separate the problem from the person

  1. I hate you – goes a long way in damaging a relationship
  2. Character assignation
  3. You always…
  4. I love you but – goes a long way in telling your spouse – don’t listen to whatever is being said because I’m not going to like it

Arguing Fair:

  1. Better but not perfect: I’m upset about xyz and what can we do to make sure this doesn’t happen again or at least not as often
  2. Watch your tongue
  3. Do not accuse unjustly
  4. Ask a question that is not setting up the other person to fail

Loving Your Spouse and Preventing Marriage Problems:

  1. Be steeped in prayer – prayer is conversation with God
  2. Be steeped in the word – know what God has to say to you – daily. Do you have a Bible? Do you read from it daily with a devotional?
  3. Say the word JESUS – and GOD daily – just uttering the name of the Almighty can be such a blessing when we don’t have time to pray.
  4. Pray for love – the Lord will give it to you abundantly for your spouse!


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