Refresh, Renew, & Restore Your Home School

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Finish Well Homeschool Podcast, Podcast #201, Refresh, Renew, & Restore Your Home School, with Meredith Curtis on the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network

Refresh, Renew, & Restore Your Home School

In “Refresh, Renew, & Restore Your Home School,” Episode, #201, Meredith Curtis invites you to take a prayerful look at your home school. Does your family need refreshing? Do you need to replace things that are just not working? Do you need to restore some things that have gotten lost in the chaos? It isn’t as hard as you might thing. Meredith walks you through some easy ways to get your home school back on track to accompalish your mission of discipleship and education.





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Show Notes

Each family is unique and that makes each home school unique. Look for signs that your home school might need a makeover:

  • Grumpiness, Complaining
  • Exhuastion, Lethargy
  • Lack of loving to learn, Lack of interest
  • Disunity, Bickering
  • A Dread of School Time


Time to relax but get the blood flowing. Vegging out can lead to more lethargy and grumpiness.

  • Field Trip – museum, art gallery, hands-on (deep sea fishing), zoo, aquarium
  • Hike – beach, woods, mountains (or horseback riding, motor biking, bike hike)
  • Crafting – refinish a piece of furniture, paint, lego building, model, pottery
  • Family Project – paint a room, plant a garden, wash the car, adopt a pet
  • Backyard Sports – soccer, volleyball, football, baseball, bsketball
  • Winter Fun – snowball fight, build a snowman, ice skate, sledding


Have family members pray for a week or so first (sometimes immediate discussion before prayer can lead to a lot of finger pointing and negativity). The question to ask the Lord is: “What needs to go? What do we need to replace with something else?”


  • Limit on screen time
  • Wake up time earlier or later
  • Replace cut downs with kindness and respect
  • Freeing up the family schedule
  • Try a Unit Study or Notebooking or Lapbooks


To restore means to bring back. What needs to be brought back? Something you used to do but have stopped doing:

  • Mom & Dad Date Night
  • Once a Week Family Fun Night
  • Family Devotion Time Each Morning
  • Start School with Prayer
  • Reading Aloud from a Good Book
  • Sitting Together at Church as a Family
  • Serving Together at Church

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