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Responsibility Roadmap

Episode 4 Summary: “Responsibility Roadmap:  A Guide for Every Stage of Childhood”

In this episode of “It’s Not About Money,” hosts Matt and Charla McKinley explore the crucial theme of responsibility in parenting. Charla, the Artisan of Adulting, sheds light on the significance of gradually transitioning responsibilities to prepare kids for adulthood.


Early Years:

Charla emphasizes the importance of allowing kids to cut their own food in their early years. This simple task builds a foundation for independence and self-sufficiency.

As They Grow:

We discuss the importance of teaching tweens to wake themselves up using an alarm clock. This task instills a sense of responsibility and time management, preparing them for a future without parental wake-up calls.

Teen Responsibility:

Charla shares insights into teens taking responsibility for communication.  Encouraging teens to email teachers and coaches fosters independence and accountability for their academic and extracurricular commitments.  Next, we discuss letting teens handling paperwork for school, camp, or medical forms. Charla explains how this task teaches organization and responsibility, emphasizing its effectiveness in ensuring participation.

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