SAT and Athletic Scholarships

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SAT sports and scholarships

Let’s Talk About the SAT and Athletic Scholarships

with Jean Burk

Episode 13

Raise Your Hand …if you are interested in your athlete getting a scholarship!

Really? SAT and Athletic Scholarships going hand-in-hand?

So, your child is interested in playing sports on the college level. What’s a parent to do? Full scholarships are available but does your child have the grades, and more importantly the SAT scores to be admitted to the college of their dreams? Or…does the college or university of their dreams have the major they desire? There are so many questions that pertain to SAT and athletic scholarships and in this broadcast, Jean Burk of College Prep Genius will help you with some steps to obtain an athletic scholarship.

Jean is writing an eBook – 10 Steps to Finding an Athletic Scholarship 




college prep genius

Show Notes:

SAT and Athletic Scholarships – Just in Time!

1. Search for colleges in your chosen sport

2. Contact the athletic school official in your chosen sport.

3. Make a list of schools of interest that have both your sport and targeted major

4. Contact head coaches – via email or letters

5. Send athletic and academic resume

6. Do’s and Don’ts for getting an athletic scholarship



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