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What are the SAT changes? Is the SAT going away? In this podcast Jean Burk shares her expertise with all of you! CollegePrepGeniusSAT Changes ~ Episode 90

What are the SAT changes? Is the SAT going away? In this podcast Jean Burk shares her expertise with all of you, and here is the inside scoop! College prep is important.

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Many changes are coming and this podcast will help you get prepared. Tests typically change every ten years or so, and upcoming this is happening again. There are so many rumors that are not true, and one of them is that the SAT is no longer necessary or any test. This is not true. The SAT, ACT, and CLT are here to stay. Why? Test scores are tied into college ranking so they will be needed and if not these standardized tests, colleges will prepare their own. Students need something more than a transcript to get into college.

The CLT was prepared to be online way before it was needed! They were in place when the pandemic hit and colleges all over the USA took the CLT instead of the ACT and SAT (since they were not testing at that time.)

New SAT changes will come before 2024 and one big change is the length of the test. It will be around two hours long. It will also be available to take online with a secure server and back up. Students, parents, and educators have been assured that the test information will be secure as well as protected. Another change is that the length of time will be longer to answer each test question. Calculators will be allowed when in the past they were banned.

College Prep Genius will be prepared with updates once the new tests are released. There is a caution to believe any test-taking class that claims to have the tests in advance as this is not true.

The PSAT new format will be released in 2023 which is one year earlier than the new SAT changes. This will affect current (2022) high school freshmen. The PSAT is taken when the high school student is in their junior year. This test is one of the main ones used for scholarships.

A small percentage (UC schools in California) have waived the SAT and ACT tests yet are still requiring their own in-house test and charging students to take this test. This is a small number of colleges in the grand total, yet the tests they require are also standardized the only way to level the playing field.

Two types of tests are: School test: based on what was taught and knowledge. Logic Test: based on no particular subject and based on critical thinking.

College Prep Genius claims to help students: beat the test, help in pointing out patterns and rules that the student can learn inside and out to become experts in this area of test-taking with the time to study and prepare. The key is to start practicing early and to trust the system. The test planners have to follow the same patterns and ways to write the tests. The student can learn these patterns.

Keys to Test Taking:

  1. Practice
  2. Start early
  3. Understand the patterns
  4. Prepare
  5. See the right answer
  6. Know why the wrong answer is wrong
  7. Accuracy is more important than speed
  8. Know the test is beatable
  9. Tests are not going away
  10. Tests will be shorter than currently




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