A Sane Approach To Homeschool Screen Time

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Hey, homeschoolers!

Do you have concerns about your kids’ screen time? If so, you’re like me and many homeschooling parents who have been forced to deal with a new digital reality. We’ll dive into the topic of developing a sane approach to homeschool screen time in just a moment.

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A Sane Approach to Homeschool Screen Time

My guest today has joined us on the podcast before. She is Beth Napoli, homeschooling mom and creator of TechieHomeschoolMom.com and Online Unit Studies. I love Beth’s perspective on homeschool screen time and I think you will too.

We chatted about:

  • The advantages of screen time
  • Parental concerns about screen time
  • Beth’s own challenges with screen time
  • Beth’s advice for parents who feel their kids are abusing screen time
  • Beth’s recommendation for parents of young kids with respect to screen time

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Techie Homeschool Mom

Join Me Next Week

Listen next time for my interview with Jamie Erickson, author of the new book Homeschool Bravely. Thanks again to our sponsor, Time4Learning.

Have a happy homeschool week!

What approach to homeschool screen time do you use? Comment and let me know.


  1. Katie Gossett says

    Thank you for this podcast on screen time. I appreciate the point about learning to use technology as a tool. I was wondering though, if there was any research to back the point that “Minecraft is no different than playing with legos”? We have family and friends with kids that game and it always raises big red flags for me when I see the way they waste away hours or whole days stuck on these games. It seems very unhealthy to me and the research I have done has backed up my suspicions that gaming is very addictive. My kids are still young, so we haven’t had too much of a problem with it yet. But my husband and I have already decided that we will never allow gaming consoles or pay for games for our kids because it seems so addictive and when they are gaming, they are not doing anything productive or good for their health or minds.

    Just a thought. I feel like parents are taking it lightly and it scares me when “experts” advise not to worry about it, when research says it is not healthy to be gaming and watching YouTube all day. I think we should definitely be worrying about it.

    And we very much try to model limited screen use, but our kids are attracted to it nonetheless, so I’m not sure that piece of advice is all encompassing. I wish people giving advice would really do their research and not give advice that may hurt our children’s minds and bodies as they easily become attached to technology over everything else and parents are told not to worry about it…

    • Thanks for your comments, Katie. Neither Beth nor I are experts. We’re moms like you trying to navigate this new world rife with technology. I know you’ll make the choices that are best for your family. I’ve been very worried about screen time multiple times in my years of parenting and homeschooling. But by God’s grace, I haven’t experienced the terrible outcomes I’ve feared. My husband and I continue to seek wisdom and rely on His grace for any mistakes we make.

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