Six SAT and ACT Secrets Revealed

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six SAT ACT Secrets RevealedSix SAT and ACT Secrets Revealed Episode # 57 with Jean Burk

Here we go another fast-paced series. When completed there will be 23 total. Be sure to

We have an insider’s perspective to the truth about the SAT and ACT, popular belief is that it tests what you know. However, Jean Burk debunks this and shares with you the information you know.

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Show Notes: Six SAT and ACT Secrets Revealed

  1. Score choice – super score
  • Score choice – you get to pick the scores you want to send to the colleges – the scores will sit there until you send them into a college
  • Super score – most colleges take the highest scores from separate tests
  • Score choice – what Math great score time one time – and Reading another time
  • Start taking the test early in middle school  — need to practice  to figure out what they need
  • Colleges do not care how many times you take the SAT or ACT – colleges get their rankings based on scores – should never been a one shot deal – with your scores can massively increase your chance to receive college. Colleges want your overall highest scores





  1. ACT – no big deal made to changes with ACT
  • Subtle ACT change that flew under the radar that can benefit the students. Sept 2016 changed ACT – changed allotted time for essay – 40min long –  adopted a new grading system that mimics the SAT scoring perfect 12 – persuasive essay before it is written before the test date

Great info on ACT Essay changes on the test.

  1. Every college takes ACT or SAT – why that is important to know – there is pushback that sometimes you are told that one college takes one or the only. Twenty years ago that was the truth, but no longer. Now there is no difference, they have a formula they use. If the college prefers one over the other they will convert the score
  • Certain areas promote only one test over the other – PSAT – is so important for scholarships as well

Good easy overview of both tests

Knowledge Based –

  1. Why you should always write the SAT essay even though it is optional… why even do it? There are 5 reasons why
  • When you write the essay you submit a more complete profile –since most people don’t take it. Can open more doors
  • There are colleges that will exempt a student from writing classes if they write the essay and do well.
  • Admissions counselor will use the essay on the positive deciding factor – you have written the essay and the other student has not – your essay counts in your favor
  • When you sign up for the SAT online – you can opt out of the essay – IF a college requires the essay you have to sit for the entire SAT again – you can still opt in for the essay – if they have enough room you can still write the essay –
  • SAT essay is standardized – proven template to get a perfect score 25 minutes


Write you essay in a short time – you have time left over, I can leave early you get a zero for working out early. You must stay the entire time.


  1. The ACT essay is also optional – for the same reasons you should write
  • The ACT essay is a separate cost
  • One for ACT and one for the essay


  1. Colleges are looking to brag about you – you make the colleges look good and they can
  • To improve their reputations
  • Look into merit scholarship awards. Important PSAT – Preliminary SAT (page 20-22)

Minimum number of National Merit scholars they are looking for – gives you the opportunity to talk to them. They list the kids who do well in their brochure.

Make sure you check reputable sources – well-meaning friends, you get the wrong information. If they give you the wrong advice.



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