Small Changes to Create an Everlasting Impact on Your Family

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Small Changes to Create an Everlasting Impact on Your FamilyLet’s Talk about Getting a Head Start on the New Year  – Small Changes that Impact Your Family in an Everlasting and positive way! with your host Felice Gerwitz and co-host, Meredith Curits

Did you know that New Year’s resolutions typically last three whole days! Why is that? What can you do to make those changes you want to make, good changes and help your family as well? Listen in to this session with Felice and Meredith as they share great ways to make small changes that can impact have an everlasting impact on your family.

Here is the list from both Meredith and Felice:

Small Changes to Create an Everlasting Impact on Your Family!

Remember, small changes do not happen all at one time, you can try to implement these slowly. Listen to the audio for more from these two ladies and enjoy a glass of ice-tea, water or coffee… and please share this page with a friend.


Meredith’s List:

1. Pray together as a family.

2. Ask more questions and listen.

3. Applaud hard work

Felice’s List:

1. Prayer time as a family.

2. Family activities weekly.

3. Healthy eating habits

[4. Time with spouse, weekly.]

Listen to this episode for more insights as well as an answer to a remark from one of our listener who is overwhelmed by family life and has a difficult time, right now getting anything accomplished.


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