Stop Bullying – Episode 78

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bullying-vintagehomeschoolmoms.comLet’s Talk About Bullying. Stop Bullying!

Yes – I know what you think, “Bullying NEVER happens to homeschoolers”. Think again. Bullying happens everywhere, at home, in groups and eventually in the workplace — and the cycle repeats.

It can happen to kids and to adults. It can even happen to those you love and want to protect.

In this podcast Felice Gerwitz talks about a subject that is close to her heart. She hated bullies and did everything she could to help those being bullied (especially as an educator in the school system).


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Stop Bullying Today! In this audio:

1. The statistics

2. The definition of bullying

3. Attributes — What bullying looks like and is your child a bully?

4. Why does it happen?

5. What are the signs you should look for if your child is bullied?

6. Prevention & Solutions

7. Scripture Verses to Help

8. Last words


10 Dangerous Apps

Scripture Verses to Study and Memorize:

Philippians 1:27
Philippians 2:3-4
Philippians 2:5
Ephesians 5:1
Matthew 5:16
Matthew 20:25-28
1 Peter 2:23


  1. I read something on-line this morning about this very subject. It was posted by a retired cop and had to do with STOPPING anti-bullying laws. He said that people needed to grow a thicker skin and stop wearing pink shirts. The PINK SHIRT quote was a form of bullying, in my opinion. Bullying has become such a part of our culture, we are often immune to it until something horrible happens. Yes, as a mother/grandmother/retired teacher, I do understand we need to let out children “work it out” and figure out what to do, but when cruel, hateful bullying occurs, kids don’t always know how to handle it and adults SHOULD step in. We adults grew up with the saying “Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me”——-what a horrible lie this is. Domestic abuse comes from learning to bully. So does terrible crimes. It starts somewhere. The other day I went to a friend’s son t-ball game and there was a well-groomed couple standing at the side line beside them. Their 5 year old son wasn’t paying attention and looked down in the grass and started picking the clover. Agreed, he should have been watching and paying attention, but he is FIVE years old and this is not the major league. His dad screamed at him to get his butt up and play ball or he would buy him a tutu and put him in a pink pair of ballet slippers. My friend looked at me————-she knew my 5th grandson IS a ballet star and even owns his own business that has made nearly $2000——Josh just turned 11 years old. I couldn’t be more proud. I wanted to smack that mean dad or at least tell him what I thought, but I decided to keep my mouth shut and not cause waves. I now regret that decision. To bully is to belittle and put someone down. It hurts their self-esteem, their self-worth, and nearly everything about them. Have you read about the young boy who likes My Little Pony and because of bullying at school, his mm was asked to have him get a boyish back pack. The mom resented it and I agree with her. Days later, the young man attempted suicide and nearly did what he felt he needed to do to protect himself. STOP the BULLYING. It happens in families (good families), church, home school, scouts, team sports, public school, etc. It is just wrong. Has anyone reasoned why drill sgts in the military do it——–it is break the spirit and make everyone feel like dirt and then built them back up. CRAP!

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