Fall Unit Studies

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Fall Unit Studies

Fall Unit Studies – Episode 87


In this episode, we discuss Fall Unit Studies. Fall is the perfect time to take a look at Unit Studies.  Fall provides so many opportunities to take advantage of Unit Studies.

Mentioned on the Show

  • How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World
  • Amelia Bedelia’s First Apple Pie
  • Johnny Appleseed

Things to Do:


  • Pumpkin Patches
  • Baking and Cooking with Pumpkins and Pumpkin Seeds


  • Nature studies
  • Drawing leaves
  • Cutting Leaves
  • Crafts with leaves
  • Science projects with Leaves


  • Tracking
  • Study the Science behind
  • Home preparedness projects


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Florida in the Fall

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Florida in the Fall

Florida in the Fall–  Episode 79


Let’s talk about Fall — specifically, Fall in Florida.

It may not be the same as most other states, but we can certainly still enjoy the season. But, Florida does have theme parks in the fall! What better time of the year to go to the parks? Disney does what Disney does best – decorations! Check out the parks to see what each one has to offer this year.

Why do we love Fall? Cool weather, warm scents, and cozy homes.

Take the time to find some local festivals, pumpkin patches and more!

Find events in your community at our website here.

Resources mentioned on the show:

Caramel Apple Cake Recipe

Fall Simmer Scent Recipe

Fall Unit Studies Pinterest Board

Fall Recipes Pinterest Board

Fall Pinterest Board


Fall Bucket List

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Fall Bucket List

Podcast #59

It’s Fall! Time to look at a Fall Bucket List. This is a favorite season is to get outside and explore. Find some great Fall crafts, and participate in many community events. We discuss some of these things and give you some ideas to get your Fall bucket list started. Let’s look at some ideas for little ones and the whole family!

  • Apple picking
  • Game Night
  • Fall Festivals
  • Community Farms
  • Cooking Fall foods
  • Hay Rides
  • Church events
  • and more!

Enjoy seasonal scents in your home or school room? Do you use a diffuser or simmer pot? Here are some essential oils recommended for the Fall season

  • Cinnamon
  • Clove Oil
  • Eucalyptus
  • Sweet Orange
  • Citrus oils
  • Pine Oil
  • Ginger
  • Cedarwood
  • Sandalwood
  • Clove
  • Frankincense


Find great Fall blend ideas here

Essential Oils Blends Perfect for Fall

Fall Diffuser Essential Oil Blends

How to use essential oils to create amazing fall scent recipes for your home

See our Fall Pinterest Board Here

Books we mentioned on our show:

How To Make An Apple Pie and See the World

The Bernstein Bears and the Prize Pumpkin

Apples, Apples Everywhere


The Berenstein Bears Harvest Festival



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It’s Fall Y’all

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FallIt’s Fall Y’all!

Podcast #14

In this episode,  Florida Parent Educators Association (FPEA) Chairwoman, Suzanne Nunn talks about homeschooling through the Fall season. Listen for many fun ideas and inspiration.

Please join us as we travel along this journey on our podcast adventure. Let’s get connected! Learn more about the Florida Parent Educator’s Association and homeschooling in the beautiful state of Florida. If you are interested in homeschooling our convention is every year in May during Memorial Day weekend.


Join us this November for 2 Great Events – Special Needs for Struggling and Gifted Learners + College & Career Fair!


Roadschool Fall Favorites

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Fall Roadschool Show ButtonAhh Fall! What a great time for roadschooling! From leaf portraits to finger print fall trees. From delicious fall treats to hearty fall recipes. In this episode, the Roadschool Moms talk all things fall and share their favorite autumn adventures.
Check out the special Pinterest board that accompanies this episode: https://www.pinterest.com/roadschoolmoms/roadschool-moms-all-things-fall/