Florida in the Fall

Florida in the Fall

Florida in the Fall–  Episode 79


Let’s talk about Fall — specifically, Fall in Florida.

It may not be the same as most other states, but we can certainly still enjoy the season. But, Florida does have theme parks in the fall! What better time of the year to go to the parks? Disney does what Disney does best – decorations! Check out the parks to see what each one has to offer this year.

Why do we love Fall? Cool weather, warm scents, and cozy homes.

Take the time to find some local festivals, pumpkin patches and more!

Find events in your community at our website here.

Resources mentioned on the show:

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Fall Pinterest Board


Co-ops, Football and Dads!

By Ryan Sprage

Listen in to an interview with Ryan Sprague.  Ryan is an author, pastor, homeschool dad, former athlete and co-op guest speaker.  Discover how your co-op can be enhanced with intention and purpose.   Ryan played on FSU championship team and he played for the pros!  Join our show to hear a little bit about his life as well as his involvement with co-ops!    Ryan’s newest book, Seasons, is a book that should be read by all teens and young adults.  This book would make a great addition to a teen co-op.