How to Teach Kids About Money

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Hey, homeschoolers!

After graduating three of my kids and seeing two more of them employed, I now believe that the financial education I gave my kids was even more important then I originally thought. The Bible devotes so much time to discussing money and possessions and with good reason. Our relationship with money can make or break us. That’s why I wanted to talk about teaching finance to kids in this episode.

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How to Teach Kids About Money

Now for the topic of teaching kids about money. My guest today is Cynthia L Simmons.

Cynthia and her husband have five grown children and reside in Atlanta. A Bible teacher, certified writing and media coach, and former homeschool mom, she writes for Leading Hearts magazine and has written curriculum for Old Schoolhouse Magazine. She served as past president for Christian Authors Guild and directed Atlanta Christian Writers Conference for six years. Cynthia is fond of history and has a heart for younger women, offering them the elegance of God’s wisdom. She hosts a weekly radio program, Heart of the Matter Radio, and Cynthia Chats, a video packed with encouragement. Her author website is

Cynthia and I discussed:

  • What got her interested in teaching money management
  • What age we should begin teaching finance
  • The most important principles to teach our kids and teens about money

Pursuing Gold novel and curriculum

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Thanks again to my sponsor, the Homeschool Moms Science podcast. Next week join me for help for anxious homeschool moms.

Have a happy homeschool week!

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