Ten Secrets To Scholarship Preparation

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ten secrets to scholarship preparationLet’s Talk to Jean Burke about Ten Secrets to Scholarship Preparation  #19

How to Get Organized Before You Apply for Scholarships 

Did you realize a good foundation is important before you get started with the college scholarship search. Jean Burke is such an expert at this – and she shares her important secrets with us. If you are concerned about getting a scholarship it takes more than just going online and doing a search. Here Jean shares ten of her top secrets to obtaining a scholarship with good preparation. You will learn so much from this broadcast!

Jean Burke is an award winning author and creator of College Prep Genius

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Show Notes: Ten Secrets to Scholarship Preparation

  1. When to start? Don’t wait until Fall
  2. Timeline
  3. Scholarship Profile
  4. Nuts and bolts?
    1. Setting up an email
    2. Record keeping and files
  5. Spreadsheet Key headings and topics
  6. Recommendation Letters Secrets
  7. Scholarship Composition Secrets
  8. Scholarship letter Secret
  9. Brag Sheet
  10. Registered Mail


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