The Greatest Gift A Family Activity

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the greatest gift a family activityLet’s Talk About The Greatest Gift – A Family Activity

with your show host, Felice Gerwitz

Our focus should be on Christ, His birth, coming into the world to set us free … but then the decorations, the gifts and the parties and food seem to switch the focus. How do we get back to the basics? What is the Greatest Gift? By doing this very simple, family activity, you can help your family understand the true meaning of Christmas! Handouts below to use with your family!

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Show Notes – The Greatest Gift: A Family Activity:

  1. The importance of teaching our children the true meaning of Christmas
  2. Step by step instruction on how to demonstrate this with a special activity you can do with your family.
  3. Once your children, you and your spouse write your top ten (see handouts below) – give them the next step of the instructions.
  4. This can be done over a ten day period, or five days.
  5. Discuss the meaning of the activity with your children.
  6. As parents, you can learn much about your children’s faith walk and level of maturity.

Handout for younger children: The Ultimate Gift – Draw-Gerwitz

Handout for older children and adults: The Greatest Gift Handout-Gerwitz


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