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Transcripts Credits GradesTranscripts, Credits Grades, Oh My!

Tips for an amazing transcript! 

Episode #65

Transcripts, credits, grades really are difficult to figure out but how do you navigate the waters of high school? Well-meaning parents and friends will tell you that your child won’t get accepted with a “valid” transcript. That’s not true, but we will talk about suggested credits and so much more. Road Map for success –

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Show Notes: Transcripts, Credits and Grades

  1. What are suggested credits for high school?
    1. Depending on state and homeschool laws
    2. Minimum 23 credits
    3. Minimum, Recommended and Distinguished
    4. Shoot for the distinguished – 27-29 credits…you can fall into the recommended plan.
  2. Can you define a credit and how to award them to the student?
    1. Credit can be called a unit- measure the amount of time the student has spent on the course.
    2. A credit can be 120-180 hours of work
    3. The beauty is you can define your own credits. 5 x 45 min x 180 =
    4. You establish how you will award your credits.
    5. Homeschooling allows flexibility.
      1. Textbook/ tests approach
      2. Credits for sewing, art, Eagle scout, music, drama
      3. Related experiences classroom, rehearsals, etc.
      4. College classes, dual credit and early college Demonstrated expertise – take care of horses, equestrian class; baking, sewing, carpentry work, etc.

High School Grade Scale: Important for Transcripts, Credits and Grades

  1. High school grade scale.
    1. Important to allow your children to know your scale
    2. 90-100 –A | 89-80—B | 79-70—C | 69-60—D
    3. You can adopt your own scale or adjust to your scale
    4. Let the kids know you won’t deviate
  2. What are some possible grading standards?
    1. Establish standards can help your child and work toward their strengths
    2. Grades are based on:
      1. Math: 1/3 tests – 1/3 daily work – 1/3 final exam
      2. History ½ reading and ½ reports
  • Fine arts ½ performance and ½ practice
  1. – free forms that will help record your grades
  2. HSLD – has a low-cost recording site
  1. Elective courses can be Pass/Fail but not calculated into average

What is a transcript and why does our teen need one?

  1. Should have a transcript whether or not you went to college
  2. Record of accomplishments completed during high school years, I did something and completed it.
  3. Validate your high school work that you completed
  4. Required for military acceptance
  5. Entry level employment jobs
  6. Internship
  7. Annual report card or a summary of what you have completed.
  • How to calculate the GPA?
    1. Grade Point Average
    2. GPA – assign a grade to a point. Multiply points by 1 credit or more credits that will give you the points
      1. A = 4 points
      2. B = 3 points
  • C = 2 points
  1. D = 1 point
  1. Yearly GPA takes you letter point, assign it a number value, divide it by the total credits you’ve given.
  2. Total Years – take all your credits and divide it by the points and divide.
  3. Weighted and Unweighted score: has to do with more advanced classes like more “weighted credits” for harder classes.
  1. Where do I start?
    1. The beauty of homeschooling is you can begin anytime. It is best to begin in the 8th grade using a master planner form or template.
    2. Kids can help chose the classes over basic core classes
    3. Taking ownership of the plan, compare admissions requirement and state law
    4. If your child knows they want to go to college you can shoot for distinguished
    5. Maturity helps, they become more serious as they get older

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