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Virtual Travel

85: Virtual Travel

If your travel plans have been disrupted, then consider virtual travel.

Start by going to Google Earth and you can either search for a place, use the Voyager button on the left, or the one “I am feeling lucky” to get taken to a random place. Once there drag the pegman to some place on the map and you will be in Google Streetview and ready to explore.

Once you have don’t some exploration on foot, then it is time to do some research to find the main highlights of the area that would choose to visit if you went there in person. Find out if they have a virtual experience, or if you can “walk” around the area.

In episode 71, Jayda Justus gave us lots of ideas for Virtual Field Trips, and obviously these could be places you could explore during virtual travel.

Specific places you might want to visit virtually

  • Buckingham Palace
  • Yosemite – you can even hear the sounds of the place!
  • Houston Zoo has a number of webcams with live feeds.
  • Switzerland has a virtual tour through a number of towns
  • The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam lets you walk from room to room viewing the paintings, and has audio commentary on them
  • And Beyond safaris allows you to join them as they go on safari twice a day. You can access the live feed and interact with the rangers from Youtube or Facebook.

If you plan on visiting North America or South America virtually, and you have children in grades 4 – 8, be sure to grab an interactive web-based unit study on those 2 continents from show sponsor, Fundafunda Academy. If you listen to the episode before June 3rd, you will get a coupon for 75% off either or both of these.

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Virtual Travel

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