But I Want To Go To College

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But I Want to Go To College!  The Brain CoachDo your children want to go to college? Do you wonder if they can succeed? Are they struggling just to make it through high school? Is taking a test a daunting prospect? This week you will hear an inspirational testimony of a seventeen-year-old who realized his life-long dream of going to college by using The NeuroDevelopmental Approach.

As parents we want our children to achieve their greatest potential! Dr. Jan gives helpful tips about simple activities that can be performed with children of all ages do so they don’t struggle academically. To be successful learners, we need organized brains, good short-term memory and correct mental storage of information. All of these are requirements so information is found easily and used efficiently. This is what the NeuroDevelopmental Approach is all about! Dr. Jan has been working for over 20 years to bring hope to struggling learners.

Listen to the Brain Coach Tips for today to get your healthy dose of hope. These tips will help whether your child is in college or wants to go to college in the future. Checkout the handout for mentioned products and discount codes.



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