Preparing for High School with Cheryl Bastian

Preparing for High School Preparing for High School with Cheryl Bastian

Podcast #72

Does High School scare you? Are you concerned your children won’t be ready? Many people feel overwhelms at the prospect of homeschooling the high school years. Well, put those fears aside! You can do it! With a little planning, you will be ready to successfully teach prepare your student to graduate.

Cheryl Bastian joins us as we talk about preparing your teen for high school.

About Cheryl

Cheryl Bastian can’t remember a time when she wasn’t teaching. What started with making her brothers play school evolved to job shadowing and tutoring in high school. Through experiential learning, Cheryl’s passion for education grew. She completed post-secondary coursework and internships at Illinois State University, first as a special education major and then continuing in early childhood education. Concerned she would miss once-in-a-lifetime milestones in her children, Cheryl left the classroom and brought learning home.

Twenty-four years of homeschooling, eight children—ages twenty-eight to toddler— allow Cheryl and her husband Mike to journey alongside families at many stages of parenting and learning, from toddling to adulting. As a magazine columnist, blogger, and speaker, Cheryl shares her experiences, stories and challenges as she enthusiastically encourages parents to be intentional, real, and relational as they raise life-long learners. Her resources are available at Celebrate Simple

High School Information

Register for Convention   Deadline to register – May 3rd


Talks Cheryl will be presenting at the 2019 Convention:

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Best of Homschooling IRL: Affording College

Free homeschooling podcast with Jean Burke about affording college!It’s that time of year again – graduation is upon us and college is looming into the future.  In this replay of the Best of Homeschooling IRL, listen in as Fletch and Kendra interview Jean Burke of College Prep Genius with tips for affording college.


When our students hope to go to college, the perennial question remains: how in the world will they pay for it? We decided to return to the topic of affording college with College Prep Genius Jean Burk because we know she has valuable information to share.

We think you’ll be encouraged and feel equipped as you help your college-bound student get the education they are pursuing!



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College Prep Genius

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College Success

Finding, tracking and winning scholarships

Finding, Tracking and Winning Scholarships

Episode 15: Finding, tracking and winning scholarships

1. Finding Scholarships

* Use Scholarship Search Engines
My favorite scholarship search engines:

Other scholarship search engines: Peterson’s, Fastweb, Cappex, Collegeboard,

* Scholly App

* Local school websites

* Google search – “scholarship” + major / hobby / achievement etc

* Facebook – follow people like Monica Matthews

2. Tracking Scholarships

* put all scholarships and requirements and deadlines on Google sheets and share with your child
* child updates when it is submitted
* create a dedicated email for scholarships

3. Winning Scholarships

* Use Google sheets to track volunteer hours, workshops attended etc so you have all the info at hand
* Parent should research see what the chance is of their child winning anything – look for previous winners, read winning essays, watch winning videos
* Keeping it all organized on Google sheets means you shouldn’t miss deadlines, leave anything out.
* Use spell checkers / Grammarly (also human eyes!)

—> Check out our sponsor, FundaFunda Academy‘s summer challenge for high schoolers. Part of the challenge helps students figure out what they need to do to win scholarships, and where to find them. And students can win money in the challenge to put towards their college tuition!

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Finding, Tracking and Winning Scholarships

How to Get into College

Finish Well Radio, Podcast #074, How to Get Into College with Meredith CurtisIn “How to Get into College, Episode #074, Meredith Curtis provides a four-year plan to choose and apply for the college of your choice. She talks about when to start looking, what to research, when to visit colleges, when to study for the PSAT, and why you should consider private colleges. This step-by-step plan will help you stay ahead of the game as you walk through the college application process.







Proverbs 1:5 by Laura Nolette and Powerline Productions, Inc.Powerline Productions, Inc.

Being World Changers, Raising World Changers!

We offer books and ebooks to help you homeschool to the Glory of God!






Show Notes

Getting into College is a Process that begins your freshman year.

Start Early

Freshman Year

Research Colleges

Research Majors (e.g. Marla)

Research Scholarships (e.g. Bright Futures Scholarship’s volunteer hours requirement)

Review 4-Year Class Plan

Talk with Mom & Dad

Talk about Money


Strong Academic Path (take the high road, not the slippery path)

Read Classic Books

Do Your Math at Least 4 Days per Week

Sophomore Year

Interest/Skills Assessment

College isn’t for Everyone, but don’t rule it out by your choices

Read Classic Books

Do Your Math at Least 4 Days per Week

Continue to

  • Research Colleges
  • Research Majors (e.g. Marla)
  • Research Scholarships (e.g. Bright Futures Scholarship’s volunteer hours requirement)
  • Review 4-Year Class Plan
  • Talk with Mom & Dad
  • Talk about Money
  • Volunteer
  • Strong Academic Path (take the high road, not the slippery path)

Summer Before Junior Year

Study for PSAT

Junior Year

Take the PSATs

Arrange College Visits (e.g. Katie Beth visit with Kristen)

Visit Colleges

Request Materials

Take SAT

Take ACT

Research Scholarships

Research Private Scholarships

Select Schools to Apply for

Continue to

  • Research Colleges
  • Research Majors (e.g. Marla)
  • Research Scholarships (e.g. Bright Futures Scholarship’s volunteer hours requirement)
  • Review 4-Year Class Plan
  • Talk with Mom & Dad
  • Talk about Money
  • Volunteer
  • Strong Academic Path (take the high road, not the slippery path)

Senior Year

Choose 4 or More Colleges

Make List of Deadlines

Apply to 4 or more Colleges

Send HS Transcripts

Complete FAFSA

Tips for Essays & Applications

Apply for Scholarships

Review Student Aid Report

Send Forms & Deposits

Choose 1 College & Notify Others

Receive Orientation Materials

Choose or Meet Roommate

Have Fun!


Unlocking the Mystery of Homeschooling High School by Meredith Curtis and Laura NoletteCareer Choices and the College Decision by Meredith CurtisCommunications 101:Essays and Speeches High School ClassAmerican Literature & Research

Worldview Understanding the TImesGreat Commission Course by Meredith CurtisReal Men 103: LeadershipA Wise Woman Builds by Meredith Curtis

Entrepreneurship and College – MBFLP 210

College can be useful for entrepreneurs too

Is your son or daughter an entrepreneur at heart? Are you or they, either one, debating whether college is even worthwhile for a young person aiming at their own business?  This episode, we talk with our son Samuel Adams Young, who’s enrolled in an innovative business program at his college – one that teaches the hands-on skills needed to succeed as an entrepreneur!

College can be useful to entrepreneurs too

Tech Giants Not Withstanding …

We have friends who are skeptical about the need for college experience to succeed in life. After all, they say, neither Bill Gates (founder of Microsoft), Steve Jobs (visionary CEO of Apple), Mark Zuckerberg (creator of Facebook), nor Ted Turner (founder of CNN and other networks) finished college.

Fair enough. At the same time, the exceptions don’t prove a rule – and you can’t deny that billionaires in Silicon Valley or cable TV are not your average neighborhood business owner.

It’s also true that some career fields (particularly in technology) are changing so rapidly that a hands-on apprenticeship is nearly as useful as a four-year degree for starting a life-long career. (Listen to our interview with Ken Auer of Role Model Software, a prime example!)

Yet with all the exceptions and hedges and provisions in place, there are still good reasons a budding entrepreneur might consider going to a four-year degree program.  This episode, we’re talking with our son Samuel, who is a rising star in an innovative program to equip young business people with tools they can use to kick start their own companies.

This program was funded by the late Ralph Ketner, co-founder of one of the fastest-growing grocery chains in America, Food Lion. In establishing the Center for Entrepreneurship and Experiential Development, Ketner told the college that true entrepreneurship is hands-on, not just theoretical classroom work, and so the goal of the college is to help students actually create viable, money-making businesses from their ideas. Until his death in 2016 at the age of 95, Ketner maintained an office at the college and frequently counseled students from his long career of growing business from the ground up.

Resources We Mentioned

Center for Entrepreneurship and Experiential Development – Catawba College, Salisbury, N.C.

Donald Miller, Building a StoryBrand: Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen

Samuel’s business startup – DashFireMan

Some We Forgot to Mention

We have a whole section of resources about entrepreneurship on our website – CLICK HERE to find out more!


College and the History of Homeschooling – Dr. Mary Hood

College and the History of Homeschooling - Dr. Mary HoodToday we’re joined by Dr. Mary Hood who shares with us about the history of homeschooling, as well as her thoughts on college.

Mary Hood, Ph.D., along with her husband, Roy, homeschooled their five children all the way from kindergarten through college entrance. All of them are now adults, and have made a successful transition to college and beyond.

Beginning in the 1980s, she has spoken and written widely on a variety of topics concerning home education throughout the United States and overseas. She has a Ph.D. in education, and is the director of The Association of Relaxed Christian Home Educators, aka, “ARCHERS for the Lord” (Reference Psalm 127), which is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization. She has also been a regular columnist for “The Old Schoolhouse Magazine”.

Mary is the author of such books as The Relaxed Home School, The Joyful Home Schooler, and The Enthusiastic Home Schooler.

Now in her sixties, Mary continues to write and speak widely on issues pertaining to homeschooling, as well as the wider field of education. Her organization has just re-opened The Relaxed Home Schooler’s Resource Center in Cherokee County, GA, where she will serve as director and teach several classes for teens. In addition, the organization is opening an actual primary school across the street in fall, 2017.For more info, visit the website, (Bio from

We ask Dr. Hood the following questions:

  • What prompted you to homeschool back in the early days of homeschooling?
  • I noticed all of your children attended college. With our current homeschooling culture and so many opportunities for entrepreneurial ventures (especially because of the internet), do you think college is as necessary today as it used to be?
  • Today it is easy to rely on boxed curriculum with everything planned and broken down into weeks and days. It takes a lot of the faith aspect of using real life experience as part of the educational process out of the equation because it’s easy to simply rely on the curriculum. In my talk at the NCHE conference, I made the statement that homeschooling in faith was “easy” for the homeschool pioneers because the very act of homeschooling before it was legal was a huge act of faith. Tell us about the days before vendor halls and your perspective on this.
  • Tell us what you are currently doing with your organization, ARCHERS for the Lord. How do you see the resource center fitting into a relaxed homeschooling model?

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Dual Credit on the Road

Dual credit at home is all the talk in Episode #153 of Roadschool Moms. The replay is a live recording by the Roadschool Moms team from the road. Kimberly Travaglino, co-founder of Fulltime Familiesbroadcasts from the Lone Star State. Across the country, Mary Beth Goff, the Road Trip Teacher calls in from historical southern Indiana. The OTR duo are joined by Becky Muldrow, veteran homeschooling mama and creator of the Dual Credit at Home study program. This episode uncovers all the details of the quest to obtain high school and college credit for core subjects. Hit the replay to hear more about how homeschoolers can find this important piece of the college puzzle.

What is Dual Credit

Becky is a homeschool mom with an impressive portfolio of her own. Hear more about the Muldrow family and the story behind Dual Credit at Home.  Her passion for homeschooling is transparent as well her knowledge of successfully homeschooling high schoolers. First of all, she shares the facts about dual credit and exactly what it is. Consequently, she reveals that dual credit is more easily obtained by high schoolers in the homeschool community. In addition, the Dual Credit expert lays out the time frame for this high school journey. More info in this interview includes:

  • Who can benefit from dual credit?
  • Why the time frame for beginning this journey is so important?
  • How to study and achieve dual credit for high school and college?
  • What subjects qualify for dual credit?
  • Where to start for mastering the jump start to college?

Dual Credit at Home for Roadschoolers

Moreover, Becky talks about all the facts for graduating high school roadschoolers. She sheds light on many other important topics of the road to homeschool success in secondary education. For example, she details the facts on creating a high school transcript. Listeners get the inside scoop on how CLEP exams save thousands of college dollars . Further, Becky reminds listeners what’s really important during these all important years of a student’s final years of home education.

More about Roadschool Moms

Looking for a roadmap for your next learning adventure? Scroll through the RSM library on iTunes to find more than 150 podcast replays.

Homeschool enrollment is on the rise. As a result, more and more families are moving into a home on wheels. Further, the Roadschool Moms record this broadcast to present resources that meet the challenges of today’s roadschooler. Kimberly Travaglino, co-founder of Fulltime Families, and Mary Beth Goff, the creator of Road Trip Teacher, team up every week to offer listeners a fresh take on homeschooling while traveling full time across America’s backyard.

Roadschool Moms:  Season 11

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But I Want To Go To College

But I Want to Go To College!  The Brain CoachDo your children want to go to college? Do you wonder if they can succeed? Are they struggling just to make it through high school? Is taking a test a daunting prospect? This week you will hear an inspirational testimony of a seventeen-year-old who realized his life-long dream of going to college by using The NeuroDevelopmental Approach.

As parents we want our children to achieve their greatest potential! Dr. Jan gives helpful tips about simple activities that can be performed with children of all ages do so they don’t struggle academically. To be successful learners, we need organized brains, good short-term memory and correct mental storage of information. All of these are requirements so information is found easily and used efficiently. This is what the NeuroDevelopmental Approach is all about! Dr. Jan has been working for over 20 years to bring hope to struggling learners.

Listen to the Brain Coach Tips for today to get your healthy dose of hope. These tips will help whether your child is in college or wants to go to college in the future. Checkout the handout for mentioned products and discount codes.



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The College Application Dance – MBFLP 182

The process of applying for college can be stressful for homeschoolers. It’s hard enough being both Mom and Teacher – now she has to play Guidance Counselor too! Can your son prove he’s ready for college? How can you showcase your daughter’s real gifts? Will admissions offices believe it when Mom gives the grades? Hal and Melanie have successfully launched four children from homeschooling to the college classroom – this episode, they share some important principles for building an awesome – and truthful! – college application.

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