Building a Strong Math Foundation

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Math is on the minds of the Roadschool Moms team as they look forward to planning another successful roadschool year. Episode #136 comes to you live from the Oregon coast as well as the SouthWest Florida coast. Kimberly Travaglino, co-founder of Fulltime Families,  recaps her roadschool week in the pacific NorthWest. From across the country, Mary Beth Goff, calls in from Gulf Coast catch up with the Road Trip Teacher crew.

Listeners hear a few words from the Season 10 series sponsor,  Time4Learning. The comprehensive K-12 online curriculum is a favorite from the Roadschool Moms Approved resources and used by both KT and MB in their own rolling homeschools. The coupon code “roadschooler” is shared for those who want to test drive a trial run of the online resource.

This episode features special guest, Dennis “Mr. D” DiNola who brings the scoop about building a strong math foundation. The creator of the Mr. D Math program talks specifically keeping your kids learning the math language. He reminds listeners that doing math can be like eating vegetables, you might not necessarily like it but you learn to appreciate it.

Mr. D reassures homeschool moms everywhere that it’s ok to take time off for summer. But if summer is a good time for roadschoolers in your rig to focus on math, he gives great summer options. Further, he encourages that students of all ages should be helped as little as possible with their math work. Hit the replay to learn all the details of this revelation that left both Roadschool Moms celebrating in the background.

This experienced educator of nearly three decades shares his favorite online curriculum for elementary and early middle schoolers. Moreover, he reveals that his own kids use it with success. In conclusion, Mr. D talks specifics about his math program and the options roadschoolers have to use it self-paced or in a virtual classroom scenario.

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Homeschool enrollment is on the rise. More and more families are moving into a home on wheels. As a result, the Roadschool Moms record this broadcast to present resources that meet the challenges of today’s roadschooler. Kimberly Travaglino, co-founder of Fulltime Families, and Mary Beth Goff, the creator of Road Trip Teacher, team up every week to offer listeners a fresh take on homeschooling while traveling full time across America’s backyard.

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