Homeschool Conferences 2016 Style

A Production of the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network.

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FPEA-2016Homeschool Conferences 2016 Style

It has been some time since I presented at the Florida Parent Educator’s Association. It was a season to regroup and get renewed, and start this Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network. Now, the invitation to speak came at the right time. With the podcast network underway, I was able to share several seminars at the conference as well as tell the attendees about the wonderful audios available here.

Homeschool conferences come in all shapes and sizes and when you visit one you never know who you will meet – in this case, while attending the FPEA conference 2016, I met up with some of my friends. It is a blessing for many of you to attend the conferences where you meet authors and publishers, as you get the chance to look at books, first hand. It is also a wonderful opportunity for good friends to meet and that is how I feel about our podcast family.

You may recognize them as podcasters from this network! Going clockwise you will find, Felice Gerwitz (me- Vintage Homeschool Moms) with Meredith Curtis (Finish Well Podcast) and her daughter. Top middle is Hal and Melanie Young (Raising Real Men)and Tara Bently (top left) with The IAHE Informer. Lower corner the Road School moms, Kimberly Travaglino and Mary Beth Goff, (RoadSchool Moms Podcast). Our Roadschoolers did a broadcast live at the FPEA. And, now FPEA has a podcast on this network. The director, Suzanne Nunn was busy so I wasn’t able to get a photo with her and I as so busy talking to Jean Burk (College Prep Genius) I also forgot to take a picture of her and I.

Sandi - Rhea - Lisa - KatieI was so busy visiting with longtime Facebook friends such as Lisa Fernandez – Lisa is a long time friend who I’ve met in real life but haven’t seen in such a long time! She is a single mom, homeschooler and she started a co-op/ school – amazing to see her doing so well. Then there are more homeschool author friends such as; Rhea Perry, Sandi Queen, Katie Hornor, and not shown Jenn Reyneri, Connie Albers and Heidi St. John.

This conversation played over and over again, as follows:

Mom, “So what is this network, audios?”

Me, “Yes, this is a podcast network, with different shows lead individually by speakers and authors that you can listen to on your smart phone or computer.”

Mom, “So all I do is find the show and if I like it I can pay for it?”

Me, “You find the show using the search feature on your podcast app and you can follow it by selecting subscribe, and it is free.”

Mom, “What! It is free?!” [insert squeal here]

Me, sporting a big smile on my face, “Yes, free.”

Mom, “I’m confused — how do you make money?”

Me, “You help us by subscribing to the shows, signing up for our eZine and listening to the brief commercials on each podcast.”

Mom, “I can definitely do that! You made my day and if I only learned this today at the FPEA then it was all worth the price of admission.”

Me, “I’m so happy to meet you and glad you stopped by.”

This played out time and time again – and I never tired of it! Be sure to check out all of our amazing shows!

If you visit a homeschool conference and see one of our podcasters I’d love to add you picture to our photo gallery coming soon. It is a delight to meet you in person and share our wonderful successes with each other. Homeschooling is a community of people who really care about you – and I am one of them. Thanks so much for making my life so much fuller.



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