HomeschoolingIRL Episode 4: Homeschooling Will Save Your Kids, Part One

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Homeschooling Will Save Your KidsHomeschooling Will Save Your Kids?

Most of us won’t say outright that we think homeschooling will save your kids, but many of us pack this idea in the back of our minds: if we only do it right, our kids will turn out to be good, godly adults.

Is that true? Can we trust that homeschooling will save your kids?

On this episode, we share our own homeschool journey, where we think we got it right, where we know we got it wrong, and then we’ll bring some levity to the whole show by recommending some things we love and a new segment called “Q and A with K and A.”

 Join us for Homeschooling IRL Episode #4, where we peel back the layers of our own hearts and expose the areas where we may be relying on our own good works to deliver our kids to the finish line.



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Join Fletch (from theMangoTimes) and Kendra (from Preschoolers and Peace) podcast every two weeks as they interview guests and talk through some of the goofiness they have experienced in nearly two decades of Homeschooling In Real Life.



  1. Great show. I think we can be walking a dangerous line when we evangelize homeschooling more than the gospel. It’s something I believe many homeschooling families need to be cognizant of.

    Kendra – I’m also an Evernote enthusiast. It’s a great app that I use for lots of things.

    I had to chuckle when you revealed your location. I always record from “the studio”, which is my minivan out on my porch. Pretty good quality though to say we’re not in professional studios. Keep it up!

    • Kendra Fletcher says

      Absolutely, Devin. It’s easy to be an enthusiast but we need to be careful that we’re not evangelizing people to our lifestyle choices.

      Evernote rules! So does recording from a vehicle! 😀


  2. I’m live from our vehicle tomorrow! Homeschooling IRL, right Kendra 🙂

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