Rethinking College

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But whether you and/or your student have a clear plan or not, CLEP-ing out of their gen-eds is always the wisest way to go. Rethinking College

Welcome to this episode of Life Skills 101! This week the topic of this podcast is Rethinking College.

With the rising cost of college, it’s important for parents to take time to evaluate with their students, the academic, financial and world view Return on their Investment (ROI) of college costs and debt. The average college graduate (does not include students who do not graduate but still have debt), takes 6 years, not 4 to graduate, with an average of over $35,000 in debt

A college degree is no longer necessary for a rewarding career or to ensure an upwardly mobile life-style. In fact, crippling college debt can make the American Dream an impossibility!

As parents, how do we guide and direct our young adults as they plan for the future?

In this episode, we explore ways that students can get a head start on college, by starting by taking CLEP or  Dual Enrollment courses, specifically targeting Gen Ed Courses.

General Education Requirements:

    • 6 credits of English.
    • 3-6 of Math
    • 3-9 of Science
    • 3-6 of Social Science
    • 3-6 of Diversity
    • You can get an associates, or even a bachelors from the Big Three of the CLEP world. These are
      • Thomas Edison
      • Excelsior
      • Charter Oaks

It makes good sense for young adults to learn how to navigate the digital world. Starting an online business in high school can set them up for future success, setting up an online educational business is even better as the online education market is estimated to be between an over $350 billion dollar market by 2025.

Students should consider what kind of life-style do they want to have as adults and work backwards from there. What kind of training, income and skills will they need to attain that? The future will demand that our young adults have Critical Thinking Skills, Adaptability and Flexibility and the ability to Collaborate.

Below are resources offered by True North to help families navigate the rapidly changing world of college.

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