Secrets to Finding Scholarships

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secrets to finding good scholarshipsLet’s Talk to Jean Burke — Secrets to Finding Scholarships

Podcast #20

How to Do More Than Searching on Google for Scholarships

Jean Burke has a proven history of helping students from all over the world get high SAT scores but not only that, she explains where to look for scholarships. Finding those little known places to look is what this podcast is all about. You will love this episode with secrets to finding scholarships!

Jean Burke is an award winning author and creator of College Prep Genius

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Show Notes: 

  1. Mistake number one – only applying for big scholarships
  2. Mistake number two – only searching on large websites for scholarships
  3. Secret keywords to search for those elusive scholarships people miss.
  4. Unusual scholarships
  5. Volunteer scholarships
  6. Business scholarships
  7. Athletic Scholarships Podcast – HERE
  8. Ethnicity Scholarships
  9. Government Programs
  10. Re-Award Pot of Scholarships

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