HSHSP Ep 180: Integrating Career Exploration into High School Curriculum

Vicki explains how to help teens who don’t have a clue about the future but don’t have TONS of time for Career Exploration by integrating it into their homeschool high school curriculum.

HSHSP Ep 179: Career Coaching with Homeschool High Schoolers, Interview with Jamie Beck

Jamie Beck, a Career Coach, joins Vicki to discuss Career Exploration for homeschool high schoolers.

HSHSP Ep 175: How Teens Can Explore Psychology as College Major

Vicki shares engaging ways homeschool high schoolers can explore the possibilities of a career in Psychology.

HSHSP Ep 148: Coding for Homeschool High Schoolers, Interview with Paul Drake

This week on HSHSP Ep 148: Coding for Homeschool High Schoolers, Interview with Paul Drake.

HSHSP Ep 148: Coding for Homeschool High Schoolers, Interview with Paul Drake of Code Apprentice. Teens can learn employable coding skills during high school with training and one-on-one mentors.

HSHSP Ep 148: Coding for Homeschool High Schoolers, Interview with Paul Drake

Paul Drake of Code Apprentice joins Vicki for a discussion on ways to introduce your homeschool high schoolers to coding, and to bring them to expertise level.

Paul is a homeschool graduate. He homeschooled all the way through, including co-ops during high school. Paul’s mother believed that it was important to explore interests, so when he asked to explore website building. His mother hopped on it and found experiences for him.

Paul got his introduction to website building from his dad. His dad introduced Paul to John at Samaritan’s Purse, who became his mentor. Paul did a lot of his own personal training, but John inspired him and opened doors for him to work at Samaritan’s Purse as soon as he graduated from homeschooling.

Teens need to learn to network! Paul can attest to that. His experiences with networking made his after-high-school success possible. Paul points out that homeschooling high school set him up for confident networking because homeschool teens are not age-group isolated, but are often having chances to chat with others

  • Talk to people older than you
  • Spend time in different organizations (volunteering, asking questions)

Paul reminds us: You can absolutely get a job in tech without having to go to college and get a degree. 

You absolutely can get a job in tech without going to college and getting a degree. Paul Drake of Code Apprentice tells how to develop employable coding skills.

There is greater demand for coders than there is supply. If you have built a portfolio in high school, you will be attractive to companies that need skilled coders.

Paul organization, Code Apprentice, helps teens build their coding skills, create portfolios AND work one-on-one with an expert mentor. Parents get progress reports and grades so that the training can be recorded on the transcript. Perfect for homeschool high schoolers!

Important goals of Code Apprentice is students obtain a *full stack coding education* and create an *end-to-end application* as they progress semester through semester during high school. Student develop a portfolio through project-based learning that makes them highly employable!

There are many resources for learning coding, Paul says coding training is available at:

  • Code Apprentice
  • Coding bootcamps
  • Co-op classes
  • Online courses
  • Mentoring experiences
  • Community college classes

Contact Paul Drake at info@CodeApprentice.tech

Visit CodeApprentice.tech for more information.

Join Vicki and Paul for an enlightening conversation.

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HSHSP Ep 148: Coding for Homeschool High Schoolers, Interview with Paul Drake

HSHSP Ep 124: Homeschool Graduate Becomes a Teacher, Interview with Rebekah Groop

This week on HSHSP Ep 124: Homeschool Graduate Becomes a Teacher, Interview with Rebekah Groop!

HSHSP Ep 124: Homeschool Graduate Becomes a Teacher, Interview with Rebekah Groop #CareerExploration #HomeschoolHighSchool

HSHSP Ep 124: Homeschool Graduate Becomes a Teacher, Interview with Rebekah Groop

Rebekah *Bekah* Groop is a homeschool graduate. She is also a second grade teacher in a public school. She is married and a mom to her first child. (She is also Sabrina’s daughter and is married to 7Sister Marilyn’s son, Casey!) In this episode, Sabrina interviews Bekah on homeschooling and teaching.

Rebekah Groop and family used by permission.

Rebekah Groop and family used by permission.

During homeschool high school Bekah liked:

Her homeschooling format (co-ops, group classes, activities)

  • Time with friends
  • Time to develop interests and talents
  • Developing independent learning skills
  • Developing important life skills
  • Learning how to own her goals and meet them: The right to *fly or fail*
  • Flexibility

Bekah homeschooled K-12 then went to Towson University for college. During high school, she switched major ideas several times: Veterinary Science (she loves animals), Music (she assisted the local homeschool high school choir and loved it). She learned leadership and teaching skills through her assistant role which led her to think about education.

Bekah went to Towson with a double major in elementary education and deaf education. She ended up teaching 2nd grade in the Baltimore County school systems.

What are some educational ideas she learned in college that she found she had a foundation for in high school?

  • Differentiation: What do kids need? (Bekah’s experience homeschooling helped her with that.)
  • Lesson Planning.
  • Hands on learning.

Her advice for homeschool moms:

  • Lesson Plans: Keep it quick. Lessons need to be in 3 minute chunks with a clear, simple idea.
  • Include hands on activities.
  • Make real-world connections.
  • Give teens a voice in their education.

How much should moms test or do evaluations? We can forget to enjoy if we test too much, but it is good to get a feel for what kids are learning. It is good to assess their progress. Bekah found that short *mini-assessments* frequently through a subject in a creative format are helpful. Some ideas for quick mini-assessments:

  • a few multiple-choice questions or a quick essay question
  • a discussion
  • a white-board activity
  • a quick project

Want Bekah’s suggestion for homeschool high schoolers who might be interested in teaching?

Early Childhood Education High School Elective 7SistersHomeschool.com

Click image to find out about this high school elective.

  • High school elective: Early Childhood Education
  • Teach them how to advocate for themselves
  • Teach them how to make their voice heard
  • Teach them to visit professors during office hours (if they go to college)

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HSHSP Ep 124: Homeschool Graduate Becomes a Teacher, Interview with Rebekah Groop

HSHSP Ep 122: Homeschooler Becomes a Veterinarian, Interview with Dr. Sarah Varnell

This week on HSHSP Ep 122: Homeschooler Becomes a Veterinarian, Interview with Dr. Sarah Varnell.

HSHSP Ep 122: Homeschooler Becomes a Veterinarian, Interview with Dr. Sarah Varnell

HSHSP Ep 122: Homeschooler Becomes a Veterinarian, Interview with Dr. Sarah Varnell

Dr. Sarah Varnell is a veterinarian near Cincinnati, OH. Homeschooled through high school, Sarah studies zoology at undergraduate level, went to veterinarian school and now specializes in equine medicine: a homeschooler becomes a veterinarian!

How did Sarah handle her time in high school so that she was college ready for a science like zoology?

Academics for Sarah were heavy in the maths and sciences, both textbook-wise but also hands on!

Dr. Sarah Varnell. Photo used with permission.

Dr. Sarah Varnell. Photo used with permission.

Heavy Sciences on the transcript, completed at honors level:

  • Biology in 8th grade
  • Zoology
  • Chemistry
  • Advanced Chemistry
  • Physics

Volunteering, MANY hours:

  • Horse rescue
  • Brandywine Zoo (snake handler who walked around the zoo carrying a snake for visitors to meet)
  • Teaching at a Christian summer camp that specializes in horses (she was also a camper there when she was a child)

Shadowing, MANY hours:

  • Small animal veterinarian (this steered her away from small animals because Sarah likes being out and about, not stuck inside)

Noticing and developing interests and loves:

  • Being in the outdoors
  • Being around large animals

Through college, her networking and shadowing helped guide her in her studies but it took time to clarify that she wanted to be a field veterinarian.

  • She connected to an equine vet (through a homeschool family that she babysat for- nothing like networking!) and spend many hour shadowing

For college success, Sarah learned to:

  • Look forward to necessary courses and kept in touch with college advisor for advice on specialized and extra courses she needed to take. (Sarah needed some specialized courses that most zoology undergraduates did not need.)
  • Visit her professors often during office hours.

Sarah chose a small, Christian college (Malone College) for her undergraduate degree. When choosing her college, she made these a priority:

  • Small college, so she could know her professors and advisor well
  • Good college advisors that are interested in the success of their advisees
  • Opportunities for networking and exploration/volunteering/shadowing

Of all the vet schools in the nation, Sarah applied to the best vet school in the nation: University of California. She chose her graduate program by applying to the average number of programs, not choosing University of Delaware (her local college) since it had no vet program and few opportunities with their reciprocal programs at other schools. Rather, she chose to other nearby colleges and the vet school that her veterinarian of her childhood cats.

After applying, she flew to California for interviews and tours of campus. She liked the way their program was organized. AND it was December with NO snow! She rocked her interviews. How did she do that?

Beginning in 8th grade and all through high school, she was a member of the homeschool rhetoric team, so was comfortable speaking.

Public Speaking and Practical Life Skills from 7SistersHomeschool.com

This is the curriculum that Sarah’s rhetoric league used.

She was also involved in her college forensics team (public speaking), where she specialized in 5 minute impromptu speeches.

At UC, the interviews were MMI format (Multiple Mini Interviews) which are 5 minute impromptu speeches in a sort-of speed dating format. She did so well, she was accepted in the program.

Sarah’s advice for homeschoolers thinking about college?

  • Make sure you avail yourself of advisors and professors. Network, network, network!
  • Keep a class listing of what you will need. Keep an eye on when courses are offered (some courses are only offered periodically).

At University of California, Sarah learned:

At the end of every lead rope there is a human.

So soft skills and speaking skills are important. Sarah began her skills in her homeschooling high school years. Today, Dr. Varnell is treating horses out on the road and in the clinic where she works. Just like James Herriot of All Creatures Great and Small, she’s out in the field with people and horses.

Here’s a free resource for helping teens choose a college major. Join Vicki and Dr. Sarah Varnell to find out how a homeschooler becomes a veterinarian.

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HSHSP Ep 52: Career Exploration for Teens Who Love Everything

HSHSP Ep 52: Career Exploration for Teens Who Love EverythingHSHSP Ep 52: Career Exploration for Teens Who Love Everything


Some teens love EVERYTHING! That’s great, but it sure is difficult for them to narrow down career interests.

If they can’t narrow career interests, it is impossible to choose college majors or do pre-career training and electives.

What do you do if you have a teen that’s into everything?

Join Sabrina, Vicki and Kym for a delightful and useful chat, that’s what you do!

Sabrina, Vicki and Kym for decades have been coaching, mentoring and/or teaching homeschool highschoolers in the difficult but rewarding narrowing-down process.

Help your teens start making some good choices about the future.

Guess what? This is HSHSP’s 52nd episode. That means we are are year old! Happy birthday, US!

To celebrate, 7SistersHomeschool.com is giving $5 off any order between now and the end of 2017!!!  

Here are 10 Tips for Teens to help them think realistically about Career Exploration.

Help your teens ask and answer: Who are you?



HSHSP Ep 52: Career Exploration for Teens Who Like Everything

Career exploration for teens who like everything: How do you narrow the choices down?

HSHSP Ep 51: Career Exploration for Teens who Don’t Have a Clue

HSHSP Ep 51: Career Exploration with Teens Who Don't Have a ClueHSHSP Ep 51: Career Exploration for Teens who Don’t Have a Clue

“SO, what are you going to do after graduation?”

That’s the dreaded question for many teens. They simply don’t have a clue what they want to do.

How do you help a teen find direction in life? How do you help them get to know themselves or get to know God’s leading?

Sabrina, Vicki and Kym for decades have been mentoring, coaching and teaching homeschool highschoolers about Career Exploration. Join them for an expert discussion on helping teens who don’t have a clue.


Case Study: Teen Doesn’t Have a Clue

HSHSP Ep 23: Career Exploration for Homeschool Highschoolers

My Next Move Career Interest Survey

Career One Stop (US Dept of Labor)



HSHSP Ep 23: What’s Included in Career Exploration?

HSHSP Ep 23: What's Included in Career Exploration?HSHSP Ep 23: What’s Included in Career Exploration?

Career Exploration is a necessary life preparation course in highschool! (It may not be mandatory, but it certainly is important!)

Teens don’t need to know everything about the future when they graduate homeschool highschool- but they will be off to a MUCH better start if they have a sense of direction!

That sense of direction comes from knowing themselves and looking for God’s guidance. That’s what Career Exploration is all about!

Join Vicki and Kym as they share about their work with homeschool highschoolers on the Career Exploration journey in this week’s Homeschool Highschool Podcast: What’s Included in Career Exploration?


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