IAHE F.A.Q.s for New Homeschool Families – Part One

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New homeschool families have a lot of questions!Informer Podcast SHOW PIN_edited-5

As a state organization, the Indiana Association of Home Educators fields hundreds of phone calls each year from parents wondering how to get started. Most families have a lot of the same questions:

  • Do I have to register with the state?
  • Do I have to turn in schoolwork?
  • Where do I get curriculum?
  • How do I issue a diploma?
  • Will I mess everything up?

Special Guest

Stacy Hanaway is a homeschool mom and IAHE volunteer. Stacy is part of a volunteer team of moms across the state of Indiana that answer phone calls to help new parents find their way. Stacy and her husband Jason also serve as Regional Representatives and serve homeschool families in their own community in NE Indiana.

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Ask Us Anything You Want, Again – HIRL Episode 40

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HIRL-Episode-40Fletch and Kendra are back in the hot-seat for another round of questions. On this 40th episode of Homeschooling In Real Life, we are answering questions from our listening audience again.

Questions we tackle in this episode include: What do you do with the college kids that live in your home and interrupt your homeschool life? Any advice for incorporating an adoptive child into your homeschool family? Plus a follow-up question from Episode 36 where a homeschool mom asks about making the more difficult subjects more fun!

Please join us! Go grab your spouse, sit down, and listen along as we answer your questions on this episode of Homeschooling In Real Life – To Go!

Show Notes
Steve Donahue – Homeschool Hope
How Pursuing Your Gifts Impacts Your Kids
You Never Stop Being a Parent

4:58 – Question 1/Stacy – College kids
8:20 – Question 2/Erika – Adoption
10:55 – Question 3/Jenny – Teaching the tough subjects
13:00 – Question 4/Carmen – Idol of college education
18:44 – Question 5/Ally – Dad and Mom on same page
21:00 – Question 6/Lori – Large homeschool family pride


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Frequently Asked Questions about Homeschooling, Co-op Style!

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This podcast will answer the questions below that have been asked by those who have yet to enjoy homeschooling co-op style:

  1. How in the world do I find people to co-op with when so many of my friends are either engrossed in a compete curriculum or they already belong to a larger, formal co-op?
  2. Is every parent expected to participate?
  3. Does every student have to participate?
  4. Are adults ever involved who do not have children in the co-op?
  5. What if your group, for one reason or another, can’t stay at the facility where you are meeting?
  6. What if you damage something at the facility?
  7. How do you handle snacks with children who have allergies?
  8. How do you pick a theme?
  9. What subjects should you cover?
  10. Should you include field trips?
  11. What do you do about discipline problems?
  12. How important is it to have a newsletter?
  13. What do you do with toddlers and babies during co-op?
  14. What if someone drops out in the middle of co-op?
  15. What if someone wants to join in the middle of co-op?
  16. Are there hardship situations that take special handling?
  17. When you homeschool co-op style what do you do about high school transcripts?

If you have questions that are not included in this podcast, leave a comment and we will answer your questions as well!