Starting off 2015 with a Bang . . .

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because you may ha2015 Calendar Target Shows Year Organizerve fizzled out in December!  Whether you are thinking about homeschooling, are new to homeschooling, or have been homeschooling for years, listen to this podcast for a suggestion on how to start the new with year off with a less-stressful, more enjoyable homeschool experience than before!


Relax and Enjoy the Ride!

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mary hoodHomeschooling should be a natural extension of your family life!  Learn while living!  Learn while loving!  And, while you are at it, teach your children to love learning!  Join us today as I interview Dr. Mary Hood, an expert in the field of enjoying a successful, yet relaxed homeschool experience!

Check out Mary’s websites here:

Frequently Asked Questions about Homeschooling, Co-op Style!

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This podcast will answer the questions below that have been asked by those who have yet to enjoy homeschooling co-op style:

  1. How in the world do I find people to co-op with when so many of my friends are either engrossed in a compete curriculum or they already belong to a larger, formal co-op?
  2. Is every parent expected to participate?
  3. Does every student have to participate?
  4. Are adults ever involved who do not have children in the co-op?
  5. What if your group, for one reason or another, can’t stay at the facility where you are meeting?
  6. What if you damage something at the facility?
  7. How do you handle snacks with children who have allergies?
  8. How do you pick a theme?
  9. What subjects should you cover?
  10. Should you include field trips?
  11. What do you do about discipline problems?
  12. How important is it to have a newsletter?
  13. What do you do with toddlers and babies during co-op?
  14. What if someone drops out in the middle of co-op?
  15. What if someone wants to join in the middle of co-op?
  16. Are there hardship situations that take special handling?
  17. When you homeschool co-op style what do you do about high school transcripts?

If you have questions that are not included in this podcast, leave a comment and we will answer your questions as well!


Plan Now for a Fall Co-op

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Now is the time to start thinking about fall co-ops.  If you have never been a part of a co-op, consider giving it a try next fall.  You will find the experience quite rewarding!  Several of our podcasts on the Ultimate Radio Network discuss how to start a co-op, but this week’s podcast will give you specific step-by-step instructions for how to begin now planning for the fall!  Below is a sample parental assignment chart as well as the front page of a co-op newsletter.

sample parental chart








newsletter front sample

Coming to a Convention Near You!

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Ultimate HomeSchool Radio
Network Show Hosts

Do you recognize these people? I bet you’d recognize their voices if you listened to these popular shows on the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network. Our show hosts had a fun time meeting in “real” life at the Teach Them Diligently Conference in Nashville, and taking this picture for all of us to enjoy! What is even more special is that Hal and Melanie were guests on Homeschooling IRL on their 9th episode here… before they met in real life.

To the left meet the Fletchers – Dr. Andy (Fletch) and his lovely wife Kendra Fletcher of Homeschooing IRL


 and to the right

The lovely Melanie and Hal Young of Making Biblical Family Life Practical




So, this little post is to remind you to be on the lookout for our show hosts who will be on the road this year – I’m going to ask my show hosts to comment below and let you know where they will be! And, remember we are as close as a computer or smartphone and your favorite podcast player or iTunes! We are so happy to provide this service for the homeschool community. Be sure to make our Radio Show Hosts welcome when they come to a town near you!

~ All the Best — Felice Gerwitz – who will remain home this year, with a Senior graduating time is too short & precious … but be looking for me in the near future.

Our Show Host Speaker’s Schedules – be sure to connect!

Kendra Fletcher – 2:1 in Chicago and TTD in Dallas. The rest are in California.

Kimberly and Mary Beth – Hosts of Roadschooling Moms – host this conference for Road Schoolers Here

Jen Reyneri  will be Emceeing the Social Media Summit at the Florida Parent Educator’s Association  and leading workshops at the FPEA  May 23-25.

Jen will also be sponsoring the 2:1 conference in Chicago and stay tuned, she’s creating a VERY exciting Homeschool Opportunity in MEXICO!


What do dissections have to do with co-ops?

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Listen in as Kendra Fletcher, a fellow Ultimate Radio Show host and a mother of 8, shares her co-oping experiences!  Sometimes Kendra’s co-ops included only one other family while at other times more joined in! Using the strengths of additional parents greatly enhances the co-op experience!   Neither Kendra nor I care for dissecting animals so we love that we can turn duties like that over to the parents who do enjoy dissections.  In this picture Kendra’s children and their friends are watching a turtle being dissected.  turtle dissecting

The Psycho with 6 Loves Co-oping! Who knew?

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Melanie is a psychologist, author, radio show host, and a homeschool mom of six who loves to homeschool co-op style!  Join me as I interview Melanie tomorrow and hear about her co-op experiences!  For more information about Melanie, go to her website at

host of The Homeschool Sanity Show