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Books Guys Love

In “Books Guys Love,” Episode, #158, Meredith Curtis, mother of a son who loves to read now, but didn’t always in those early years, had to search out books for her son to read. She found a treasure trove in authors like Howard Pyle, Paul Hutchens, RM Ballantyne, GA Henty, Sir Walter Scott, and Scott O’Dell. Meredith will share 21 authors that boys will enjoy reading throughout the homeschool years.





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Show Notes

As much as times change, the things that beat in the hearts of little boys and young men stays the same. Let me introduce you to some timeless classics that still captivate the hearts of guys of all ages who still love thrilling adventures and fearless heroes.

What Kind of Books Should You Give Your Children?

Living Books

Classic Books (doesn’t matter age—classics are timeless)

Wholesome Books

Books with Good Role Models

Meet the Authors and Find Out Why Guys Love Their Books

George Sheldon

Felix Sutton

Scott O’Dell

Hugh Lofting

Albert Payson Terhune

William O. Steele

Jim Kjelgaard

Howard Pyle

Paul Hutchens (Sugar Creek Gang series)

Walt Morey

Quentin Reynolds

RM Ballantyne

GA Henty

H Rider Haggard

Robert Louis Stevenson

Sir Walter Scott

Rudyard Kipling

Mark Twain

James Fenimore Cooper

Jules Verne

HG Wells

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