No Such Thing as Bad Weather

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There is no such thing as bad weather. Yes, I know you may be socked in with rain or snow, but we are tackling the silver lining of bad weather on episode #178.  The replay is a live recording by the Roadschool Moms team from the back porch and behind the wheel. Holly Giles, the creator of The Giles Frontierbroadcasts from central Florida.  This week, Mary Beth Goff, the Road Trip Teacher stops by Holly’s back porch to talk about days to consider no bad weather.

No matter the season, winter, spring, summer, or fall, many planned outings have been canceled due to bad weather. How can you take that disappointment and turn it into something fun?

The Mess

Mary Beth and Holly share that their number one reason for halting the outdoor fun due to bad weather is the clean up afterward. Moms have this vision of the end in mind. Where dirt, mud, snow, and water end up on their floors along with a pile of clothes that need washing.

The Memories

Holly shares fond memories of playing in the rain at her grandparent’s house. Mary Beth loves to recall how she enjoys hearing the sound of the rain on the roof. Both share childhood memories of storms and hurricanes where everyone piles in the middle of the living room and plays cards to the lantern light. This memory seemed universal to wherever you live.

Free Yourself

Let go, mamas! Free yourself and your children. Have a few tricks up your sleeve to let go and go outside. Keeping a few items stashed in the garage will make it easy and fun to take a walk in the rain, make some snow queens. We even suggest hot cocoa and a read aloud under a park pavilion.


Invest in a little fun with your kids when they least expect it. Say yes to getting out of your comfort zone. We share some indoor activities along with movies and audio books to keep it real. A lightning storm is no time to head outdoors.

Holly and Grant after the unexpected sled ride.

The hurricane Facebook video Mary Beth and Holly talked about.

Books to enjoy:

The Umbrella, by Jan Brett

Sunbread, Elisa Kleven

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