Say Goodbye To Test Anxiety And Say Hello To Free College – 2

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Overcoming Test Anxiety with Jean Burke with …

Say Goodbye to Test Taking Anxiety and Say Hello To Free College Part Two

Today we focus on the math portion of the SAT and PSAT test and how to overcome test anxiety. And, Jean answers a listener’s questions – thanks so much for sending them in!

Show Notes:

Test anxiety is a thing of the past with award winning author, and speaker, Jean Burke’s suggestions. She shares ways to ace the math portion with her tried and true methods. SAT is a logic test – it does not test what you know. The SAT is a learning the test taking strategies and the recurring patterns.

  1. Difference between SAT and PSAT
  2. The importance of taking the PSAT (more info HERE)
  3. Why you can’t possibly answer every math question if you figure it out the traditional way
  4. Math vocabulary – do you know your terminology?
  5. Tips on taking the math section.

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