The Quiet Fight Between Women – HIRL Episode 56

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Free homeschool podcast discussing the quiet fight between women with Angie Tolpin.There is a quiet fight going on under the surface in homeschooling for a long time.

“Let’s face it. The quiet fight between women in homeschooling often comes down to pride.” – Angie Tolpin

We dive back into familiar waters on this episode and tackle the issue of competition and pride that we see generally among women in the church, but specifically within the walls of homeschooling.

“You know there are greater possibilities of friendship and Christian fellowship in your life. And yet — despite your best intentions — there is something in the way, something holding you back from your spiritual growth with your sisters in Christ. But what is it? A silence. A distance with no name. A weapon of the enemy fashioned to drive us apart and stop us from creating the fellowship we need for our growth in Christ.  Something so subtle you might never understand it alone, much less be able to overcome it.” –The Quiet Fight Between Women

Fletch and Kendra sit down with author Angie Tolpin and haven an honest discussion about the reasons women have a difficult time connecting or feel as if there is an undercurrent of comparison and competition running through our relationships. Join them on this episode as they talk again about how Jesus changes our communication and frees us to stand shoulder to shoulder with each other as we seek to bring glory to God.

1:02 – Introduction
13:00 – Angie Tolpin Interview, 1
26:30 – Angie Tolpin Interview, 2
38:30 – Q and A with K and A


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  1. What a wonderful episode to listen to. I have definitely experienced this quiet fight and am guilty of participating. I am the youngest homeschool mom in our homeschool group and the youngest mom in our oldest sons age group at our church. We had our oldest who is now 8 when I was 19 and my husband Jesse was 21. We have never fit into a “group” when it comes to parenthood and have felt from time to time (myself more than my husband) given the silent judgement of being a “young parent”. Sometimes we feel like we don’t fit in because the only thing we have in common is children the same age. And feeling left out brings out my judgemental side. It is easy to forget that we are all in different seasons of life and that we don’t need to fit into a mold or age group to be true sisters in Christ. Thank you for doing podcasts they have been an amazing blessing!

    • Kendra Fletcher says

      Sarah, you are so welcome. It’s tough to feel like you’re taking on every other woman’s criticism, and this is when it’s so very important to be reminded that your value and worth aren’t in what they think of you or how old you are or how much expereince you have as a parent. Your worth and value are in what Jesus did for you on Calvary!

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