Transparent Parenting – HIRL Episode 47

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1428878305523How important is it for us to practice transparent parenting with our children? What should you do when your children ask you questions that are just too personal or too painful to answer? If we do practice transparency, will our kids simply follow our example?

In this episode, we sit down with marriage and family therapist, Chris Oneth, to discuss the topic of transparency in our parenting. We answer these questions and many more as we talk through this very difficult topic.

Join us as we discuss the importance of being honest with our kids and share techniques for walking into the difficult conversations. We share with our listeners how the gospel helps us to conquer our fears. We also address the error of parenting from a place of shame and as always we encourage you to celebrate the freedom that comes when we embrace the grace of God.

Join us on this episode as we encourage you to press into your anxiety, to get real in your marriage, and to practice transparency with your children.

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  1. Great show! I am very transparent with my kids, at least as much as I can stomach. My transparency started when my daughter realized she was born a couple of months before her father and I married. Now, that we are homeschooling we have more time to cultivate tough conversations. I think, I’m you newest fan!

    • Kendra Fletcher says

      We’re super happy that you’re listening along, Michelle! Transparency can be tough, can’t it? So thankful for grace that is greater than all our sin.


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