11 Reasons Books Make Great Gifts

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Finish Well Homeschool Podcast, Podcast #125 11 Reasons Books Make Great Gifts, with Meredith Curtis on the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network

11 Reasons Books Make Great Gifts

In “11 Reasons Books Make Great Gifts,” Episode #125, Meredith Curtis gives you remarkable evidence that giving books for Christmas and birthday presents is a super idea and a lifetime investment in those you love. Meredith inspires you to give books and then gives a host of book gift suggestions! Get ready to rock Christmas this year with all kinds of literature, living books, and picture books.



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Show Notes

Think about your favorite Christmas present.

Do you still have it? Probably not.

Yet, I have read Little Women, Pride and Prejudice, and Anne of Green Gables numerous times and they’re still on my bookshelf.

Let me inspire you with 11 reasons books make great gifts a give as Christmas and birthdays presents.


Books Are Not Expensive

Books are much cheaper than a bicycle, PlayStation, or designer sneakers.


Books Are Easy to Buy Online

Online bookstores are everywhere! Many have free shipping if you spend a small amount of money. My favorite online bookstores:

You can even find used bookstores online that let you know what condition the book is in. This allows you to give a “like new” used book as a Christmas present.

My favorite used bookstores:

You can buy E-books for people, too. Besides Kindle on Amazon, you can shop here at our store, Powerline Productions.


Books Are Easy to Wrap

I love how easy books are to wrap!


Books Can Be Read Over & Over Again

Books are reusable. You can read them again and again and again.


Books Are Always The Right Size

Forget about returning something because it doesn’t fit. Books are always the right size.

Keep in mind larger print for children and older folks, speaking of size.


There Are An Endless Variety Of Options

There are so many possibilities when it comes to books. Purchase a book about a hobby, a biography of someone admired, an inspirational book to offer hope, a how-to book for the do-it-yourselfer, historical fiction for the history buff, travel books for the traveler, classic novel for the literature-love, and I could go on and on and on. There are endless possibilities when it comes to books.

And don’t forget picture books. Everyone loves a well-written beautifully illustrated picture book. Oh, and picture books for adults are called “coffee table books.”


Books Last A Lifetime

If you take good care of a book and store it properly on a sturdy bookshelf, books last a lifetime.


Books Take You On Adventures

Stories take you on an adventure. Crack open a novel and you could end up chasing pirates, spying in a foreign country, catching bank robbers, guarding a queen, backpacking across Europe, meeting the love of your life, or meeting your long-lost grandfather. Literature can be thrilling!


Books Can Take You To Other Places & Time Periods

Novels and living books take you to other times and places around the world. Travel back in time through a history book or historical fiction. Use a travel guide, living book, or geographical novel to take you to another place.


Books Impact A Person’s Mind & Character

Books, like movies and TV shows, shape our character and impart values. If you give wholesome, Christ-honoring books to people, you are impacting them at the deepest level.


Giving Books Places High Value On Books & Reading

When you give books, you give a shout-out for education. You declare that books are valuable and reading is not only for education, but for pleasure, too.


Book Ideas for Young Children


Here’s our family’s favorite Christmas picture books.

Powerlineprod.com Blog, Inspirational Pictures Books Your Children will Love by Meredith Curtis



Here’s are family’s favorite picture books.

Powerlineprod.com Blog, Our Family's Favorite Picture Books, by Meredith Curtis


Here’s some amazing Christian hero picture books.

PowerlineProd.com Blog, Inspire Your Children with Christian Super Hero Picture Books, by Meredith Curtis


These picture books teach kids about geography and counting at the same time!

PowerlineProd.com Blog, Geography/Counting Picture Books Your Children will Love, by Meredith Curtis


Book Ideas for Children

Inspire children with Christian hero biographies!

PowerlineProd.com Blog, Inspire Your Children with Christian Super-Hero Biographies, by Meredith Curtis

Great list of children’s mystery series in this post!

Old Schoolhouse Magazine Blog, Classic Mystery Series for Young Mystery Lovers, by Meredith Curtis


Book Ideas for Teens & Adults

These books are amazing! Great ideas here!

PowerlineProd.com Blog, Classics Every Christian Should Have in Their Library, by Meredith Curtis


Consider give your favorite cozy mystery buff a vintage “Golden-Age” novel.

PowerlineProd.com Blog, Vintage Books for the Cozy Mystery Lover, by Meredith Curtis

Books for Mom!

PowerlineProd.com Blog, My Favorite Books on Motherhood, by Meredith Curtis

Book Ideas for Homeschooling Families—All Ages

More than books in this list, but great book ideas here for your ancient history buff.

PowerlineProd.com Blog, Ancient History Resources Your Family Will Love, By Meredith Curtis


Here are some books and other resources for the archeology buff!

PowerlineProd.com Blog, Archaeology Resources Your Family Will Love, by Meredith Curtis

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