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Need money for homeschool books? After all the years of homeschooling I added up the amount of money I’ve spent and let’s just say, I could be driving a luxury car. I’ve homeschooled since 1986 and in that time I’ve purchased thousands and thousands of dollars in curriculum. It was everything from books to math videos (in the hundreds of dollars) to games (one year I spent over $500 in educational games) to educational computer software (thousands – pre-internet) and educational videos.

Where did all these resources go? I made good use of them and still are recycling and using many of those long-ago-purchased products today. That is not to say that I purchased things unwisely or that many books were never used. In this case, I often passed them on in homeschool curriculum sales or gave them to friends. There are some things that I believe every homeschool needs and even if there are freebies on the internet, these sources I believe are invaluable.

In fact I’ve created several shows using just books, you know the ones you find in the library. Yes, there are some great ones available. And I love to put lists together. Here is a list of Summer Reading Books, here is a podcast on Living Books, and here is one on creating (and charging others) a Living Books Library.Β 

Need money for homeschool books


What are my MUST haves for every homeschooler?

  1. A Bible that is age-appropriate for each child
  2. A good atlas that is grade appropriate.
  3. A historic timeline.
  4. A dictionary (yes, I realize they can hop online but it makes a good reference for those times when the internet – {{gasp}} – is down!
  5. Reading material – historical fiction, biographies, classics, religious titles

That is my shortlist. My bookshelves are floor to ceiling and filled with books and curriculum I’ve collected throughout the years. Many of my favorite resources are no longer in print however they are available online if you dig far enough. I’ll soon post some of my suggestions in an upcoming post. No matter how much I’ve spent buying a good curriculum it is still cheaper than private schools and I’m delighted with my children’s educational milestones, and would NOT trade homeschooling for anything in the world!

And – one more thing Β – seminars! Right now our seminar bundle is free – grab your set by subscribing to the email list for the network. Β And you receive weekly freebies just for our subscribers as a BONUS.

Our bundles change every few months – so that’s more savings just for you.

o, let me know what you do to save money and visit Carol Topp’s podcast here for great info – about the Myths that Homeschool Moms believe – here.Β  A real eye-opener.



  1. Faith Clarke says

    Thanks for generougly offering this giveaway. With 3 kids entering gr.2, gr.1 and JK there is much we will need for the new school year. Fingers crossed. πŸ™‚

  2. Melissa C-Amyotte says

    Please Enter me PLEASE PLEASE pretty Please! Awesome idea for the no.1 yes so needed.. the no.1 book any homeschool or school should use for their backbone of teaching!

    • mediaangels says

      Melissa be sure you enter the rafflecopter on this page or on the giveaways link on this website!

  3. Amy Springer says

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to win a shopping spree for us homeschoolers! $250 can certainly go a long, long way! I wish all those who entered good luck although I am very hopeful to be one of the winners. Thanks so much for this generous opportunity!

  4. Brandi Keefe says

    Thanks for the opportunity!!

    • mediaangels says

      You are so welcome, Brandi – thanks for entering. Be sure to enter the rafflecopter – the link wasn’t activated a little while ago!

  5. Thank you for the giveaway! I have been listener to the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network and enjoy all I hear!

  6. Tammy Salehi says

    Very nice offer. Thank you:)

  7. Joyce Strite says

    I love how you use lots of books. I am a book lover for vintage books for kids. Great blog πŸ™‚

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