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Carol ToppFeatured Speaker, Author and Podcast Host of Dollars and Sense Show – Carol Topp

When you think about the Homeschool CPA you think about Carol Topp. Carol’s story is an amazing one. As a homeschool mom she decided on a second career – becoming a Certified Public Accountant. It was the perfect fit for her, she could work part-time from home.

Now with two daughters who have graduated from high school (and college!)  she has new frontiers ahead. One is hosting this amazing podcast, the Dollars and Sense Show. Carol focuses on saving us money: Everything from day-to-day money management as well as business sense and her award-winning book series, Micro Business For Teens, that encourages your teens to start a business.

Carol was at the top of my list to be a podcaster on this network when I started it in 2011 and she said, “Yes!”  She is the real deal. No nonsense (well, what do you expect from a CPA) and a great friend. She has agreed to countless interviews with me over the years and created many, many amazing Ultimate Homeschool Expo seminars that were very well received. She is a true friend.

And there is more!

Amazing Shows – Dollars and Sense Show Highlights by Carol Topp

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Find out more about Carol by following her RSS Feed or listen to her show – here on the network or download on your favorite podcast app on your phone, or via iTunes.

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  1. Carol, We listened to your micro-business idea podcast on our family vacation this past week! THANKS A LOT…said with as much sarcasm as I can muster!
    Now my son wants to get tarantulas so he can go into the jewelry protection business! 🙂


    • Carol Topp says

      Sorry about that Fletch! Hopefully, your son will have some other ideas for a micro business he can start without involving tarantulas!

  2. Listened to Carol at the Cincinnati convention. Loved meeting her and giving my son some ideas for small business. Love listening to the podcasts too when we have time.

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