A Good Habit Planner for the Family

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A good habit planner for the family. Trackers + reflection. Free for subscribers. Ever wished you started a good habit sooner? You’re not alone. This month, we’re focusing on self-reflection and forming good habits. Our guide includes goal-setting and mood tracking. Whether you love planning or dread it, our simple yet powerful planner is here to inspire you to work hard and chase your dreams.

Simplicity is Key

This planner is more than a tool; it’s your roadmap to understanding your strengths and weaknesses. It encourages you to persevere and visualize your future. Dreaming of a new home, a healthier lifestyle, or more family time? This planner helps you achieve both big and small goals. Discussing plans with your spouse and aligning your efforts can make all the difference.

Setting Goals with Purpose

The planner isn’t just for daily tasks; it’s for life-changing goals. It guides you and your teens in forming habits, managing emotions, and practicing discipline. From healthy eating to financial planning, it supports every aspect of goal setting.

Enhance Your Organization

Looking for extra organization tips? Dr. Melanie Wilson’s “Habits of the Organized Homeschool Mom” and our Organize-IT Planners at Media Angels are perfect companions. They offer immediate solutions for organizing your homeschool and more.

A Legacy of Virtues

Beyond organization, this planner builds family virtues. It focuses on gratitude, discipline, and perseverance. It’s about setting an example for our children, growing together as a family through every challenge and success.

Customize Your Planning Experience

We designed the planner to be flexible. You can customize it, choosing the pages that suit you best. Create an Ultimate Binder for all your planning needs. This personalized approach makes planning more accessible and enjoyable.

Conclusion: Transform Your Life and Family

This planner is a transformative tool for your life and family. It invites you to examine your habits, goals, and dreams closely. As homeschool moms, we often neglect our needs. This planner changes that, helping us and our families become the best versions of ourselves. Let this planner guide you through life’s journey, fostering growth, wellness, and unity in your family.

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Build Virtuous Habits & Patterns thru Homeschooling

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Finish Well Homeschool Podcast, Podcast #135, Hope for the Mom of a Wayward Child, with Meredith Curtis on the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network

Build Virtuous Habits & Patterns thru Homeschooling

In “Build Virtuous Habits & Patterns thru Homeschooling,” Episode, #136, Meredith Curtis gives some practical reality to what Charlotte Mason calls “Patterns & Habits” by zeroing in on 6 character traits (humility/obediene and honor/industriousness/diligence and faithfulness/greeting/service). She gives practical tips and wisdom so that you can use habits and patterns to build these virtues into your children’s hearts and lives. How do you build habits that turn into patterns of living anyhow? Don’t worry! Meredith will show you how!




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Show Notes

How to we instill virtues through habits and patterns?


Scripture Memorization

Role playing/training


Try, fail, redo, try, succeed, rejoice

Proactive opportunities



God resists the proud and gives grace to the humble.

A teachable heart starts with humility. “I have something to learn and you have something valuable to teach me.”

How to model humility and maintain authority.


Obey immediately, completely, and cheerfully

How children treat parents is how they will respond to God

Obedience Game

Holidays (Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, others)

Thank parents/spouse for what they do

Hard Work

The Lord commends hard work and declares that all hard work brings a profit.

Idle hands are the devil’s workshop

How screen time sucks our children’s drive and ambition out



Reward hard work


But when the Son of Man returns, will he find faith (faithfulness) on the earth?

He who is faithful in little is faithful in much

Do your best in everything. Whatever you do work at it with all your heart as if working for the Lord

Schoolwork, making bed, clearing plate from table, putting away what you get out, chores

Teach the joy of completion with easy tasks with occasional challenges

Reward faithfulness & diligence with praise and awards


Greet one another.

Greeting communicates love and value. Place high value on others


Teach to greet if shy

Greet when you arrive and when others arrive

Always say goodby and “thank you for having me”


You are not the center of the universe


Joy of giving and serving

Notice needs

Play the “Let’s discover needs” game

Serve in small ways and grow

Help carry diaper bag/help carry others’ diaper bags/bring in groceries/carry boxes

Bear your own burden and help others bear their burdens

Talk about how fun it was to serve

DON’T complain—complaining saps the joy out of serving!

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Jesus Fill My Heart and Home by Meredith Curtis Lovely to Behold A Wise Woman Builds by Meredith Curtis God's Girls 104: Motherhood by Meredith Curtis


How-to-Homeschool Books if you want to learn more about homeschooling or plan to homeschool 😊

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These are just a few of our many resources that work well for all ages together!

Newspaper Reporting by Meredith Curtis Travel God's World Geography by Meredith Curtis Travel God's World Cookbook by Meredith Curtis HIS Story of the 20th Century by Meredith Curtis

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12 Happy Habits

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12 Happy Habits

Finish Well Radio, Podcast #080, 12 Happy Habits with Meredith Curtis on the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network

In 12 Happy Habits, episode #080, Meredith Curtis encourages you to examine and adopt some habits that will bring happiness and joy into your life, as well as make life, relationships, ministry, and careers more successful and fun. She also shares how to build these, or any habits, into your life by starting with goals that lead to habits that lead to patterns of living.







Proverbs 3:13-14 by Laura Nolette and Powerline Productions, Inc.

Powerline Productions, Inc.

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Show Notes

Happy 2019!

My friend T.J.

Happy Habits

These habits will bring job, success, and blessing to your life and the lives of those around you.

  • Start Each Day with God
  • Start Morning with Five Things: Brush Teeth & Hair, Make Bed, Get Dressed, Tidy Room
  • Greet People (Good morning, Hello, Good-bye)
  • Listen and Ask Questions
  • Look for Opportunities to Serve & Go the Extra Mile
  • Plug Into a Local Church
  • Tithe
  • Live Debt-Free
  • Do Everything with Excellence
  • Eat Fresh Foods in a Variety of Colors
  • Exercise Regularly & Cultivate a Life Sport
  • If You Make a Mess, Clean It Up

From Goal to Habit to Pattern of Living

Some of my New Years’ resolutions have become patterns of living.

We have a million dreams in our heads of who we want to be.

But what is God’s heart for me? To know His will, I dive into His Word, learning that God teaches me my body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, I am to honor my parents, he blesses hard work, and He desires unity in relationships.

Having a biblical foundation for my goals, gives me confidence that He will help me.

I start with Measurable Goals.

Once I make measurable goals, I begin. God is for me not against me. He will help me to be faithful if I draw from His strength.

I like to Start Small and build. For example, I start with reading the Bible 5 minutes a day and build up to 30 minutes over a years’ time. That way I don’t crash and burn.

If you are like me, and I hope you’re not, the early weeks will be full of more failure than success. However, I just refuse to give up.

Perseverance is key to building up habit, so no matter how many times you blow it, don’t give up!

Over a long period of time, habits become patterns in your life.


Finish Well Radio, Podcast #053, DG: The Secret to Successget shape Spiritually new year

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