Freedom from Mean Girls


Freedom from Mean Girls – Sarah Jeffords, Laura Nolette, and Meredith Curtis

This show is for young women who are struggling with toxic relationships. All of us deal with rejection sometimes, but when it comes during the young teen years, it can be devastating. What happens when you are excluded from girl cliques, gossiped about, or betrayed? Recover from and rebuild confidence so you can enjoy healthy relationships in the future. There is a word of advice to moms and dads at the end.



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HomeschoolingIRL Episode 37 – Can I Be Friends With My Kids?

Is it possible to be friends with our homeschooled kids? Join us for a lively discussion as we figure out if it’s possible for adults and kids to be friends.

FW Radio – Friends


An interview with Julianna Curtis, Jimmy Curtis, and Joshua Nolette.

We talk with some Finish Well team members about their friends, what makes a good friend, and how to be a good friend.

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