Teaching “Adulting” – MBFLP 234


Studies show that young adults are often not prepared for adult independence. Psychologists say the current generation is growing up slowly, and some even say “Twenty-five is the new fifteen”!* But if our parents and grandparents were functioning adults at 18 or 20, why can’t our kids be the same? This episode we’re talking about how to teach adult skills intentionally to our teenagers – and what to do if they graduated before you were done teaching!

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MBFLP – Teaching Kids Respect and Obedience

MBFLP-2015-01-19 Teaching Kids Respect and ObedienceIt’s one of our “frequently asked questions” – How in the world can I get my kids to obey? How do you teach them respect? And it’s not just because obedient kids are agreeable – we know it’s important for their safety, and it’s Biblical. This episode, we talk about how to teach these important traits in a balanced, loving way that adapts to our child’s developing maturity … because our goal is not to raise obedient children, but adults of mature, godly character!

MBFLP – Talking To Your Kids About Sex

Talking to your kids about sexTalking To Your Kids About Sex

Talking to your kids about sex – you know, “The sex talk!” is something we all try to avoid.  It’s a difficult thing for most parents – gathering the courage to have “The Talk” with our children. In this podcast, we discuss the best ways to talk to your children. Don’t wait until it is too late, be there for your children and be encouraged.

Sex Talk–Why Talking To Your Kids About Sex is Important:

Talking to your kids about fixing their beds, clearing off the dishes, or doing their school work is much preferable than talking to your kid about sex! We try to avoid it at all costs.

Here are some of the common concerns:

  1. Why can’t we just wait until they’re more grown up?
  2. Can’t we shield them from the sexualized culture so they can stay innocent until they’re adults?
  3. How in the world do we even start the conversation?

This episode, Hal talks with Luke Gilkerson, the Educational Resource Director for Covenant Eyes, a ministry dedicated to teaching and protecting a Biblical view of sex, purity, and personal integrity. You won’t want to miss this one!

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MBFLP – Dealing with Conflict with Tweens and Teens

MBFLP Dealing with Conflict in Teens and Tweens


How much anger is “normal” for a pre-teen (or a teen)-aged boy? Is there anything to be done about it, or is the best we can do just to hang on and hope they grow out of it? Actually, with our six sons, we’ve seen our share of hormonally-driven outbursts and rage, and we’ve found out that there are Biblically-sound ways to respond to these challenging days, and even turn them into times for discipleship. Tune in for a half hour that may make a difference in your family for years to come!



Shepherding A Child’s Heart by Tedd Tripp [available from Shepherd Press]

The Heart of Anger  by Lou Priolo [available from Grace and Truth Books]

“Boot Camp 9-12” webinar series with Hal and Melanie Young [order from Raising Real Men . com]

MBFLP – Coming of Age Ceremonies

MBFLP Coming of Age Ceremonies


Society expects young people are nothing more than hormone-driven slackers who won’t be useful members of society until they’re out of college … if then. That’s not what we find in Scripture, though! If you’re going to encourage your young people to step up to adulthood instead of a teen-culture holding pattern, you might find this episode helpful as we discuss how we mark a formal transition from childhood to young adult status!

MBFLP – Coming of Age Ceremonies

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Coming of Age Ceremonies
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