Tech for Road Trips

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Tech for RoadTrips

188: Tech for Road Trips

Need some ideas on how to use tech for road trips in a productive way with your children?

1. For Entertainment

If everyone has a device some ideas:

  • race to finish puzzles, Sporcle quizzes, online crosswords etc
  • scavenger hunt – use Google maps

For On-the-go Problem Solving

  • navigation (including alternate routes)
  • finding gas (use Gas Buddy app or Google maps
  • finding food stops

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Tech for RoadTrips

Destination: Inspiration – Thriving

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Destination: Inspiration - Thriving. With Crystal Paine, Money Saving Mom. Today we talk about moving away from an overwhelming life.Destination: Inspiration – Thriving. With Crystal Paine, Money Saving Mom

Crystal Paine from Money Saving Mom joins Jen Reyneri on the program today to talk about moving away from an overwhelming life and moving on to a life of writing and travel. Hear some of Jen’s tips and Crystal’s most inventive ways to manage and save money so that you can experience travel and taking steps to having more personal enjoyment in your everyday life. Visit more of Jen’s adventure community at Word Traveling.Crystal's new book

Florida Christmas Roadtrips

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Florida Christmas Roadtrips

Florida Christmas Roadtrips

Episode 82

Florida Christmas Roadtrips. As you probably already know, we love Christmas around here! In this episode, Suzanne lists some new places to visit for Christmas this year. Well, they are new to us. If you haven’t been, or are looking for something new to do this year, make plans to visit some of the places we have discussed on this episode.

It’s sure to be a bright and merry Chrismas here in Florida!


Events mentioned on the show:

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Tom Hanks portrays Mister Rogers in A BEAUTIFUL DAY IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD, a timely story of kindness triumphing over cynicism, based on the true story of a real-life friendship between Fred Rogers and journalist Tom Junod. After a jaded magazine writer (Emmy winner Matthew Rhys) is assigned a profile of Fred Rogers, he overcomes his skepticism, learning about kindness, love and forgiveness from America’s most beloved neighbor.

Explore cities with digital scavenger hunts

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Digital Scavenger Hunts

Episode 41: Explore cities with digital scavenger hunts


My oldest daughter, Rachel, suggested I do an episode on this as she and I have enjoyed a number of Digital Scavenger Hunts together. Rachel teaches the Visual Literacy class for FundaFunda Academy.

Digital scavenger hunts can be found in most cities – and sometimes even in specific locations eg museums.

They are a self-paced tour/scavenger hunt /problem-solving game all in one

1. Tour guide: they provide info on the city you are exploring
2. Scavenger hunt – everyone is looking for the solution to the clue
3. Game – you earn points as you progress. There are usually hints but then you lose points.


1. Exercise
2. Use thinking skills
3. Educational
4. Find places you never would on your own
5. Go at your own pace
6. Competitive / game element

Where can you find them?

You can Google “digital scavenger hunt “city” mobile device”. You can also often find deals on Groupon / Living Social.

Here are some I have done or gifted to my children.
Scavenger Hunt
Huntzz (this a British one)

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Digital Scavenger Hunts #familyfun #vacationfun #homeschooltravel

Peaceful Family Vacations

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Finish Well Radio Show, Podcast #088, Help! My Daughter’s Getting Married, with Meredith Curtis on the Ultimate Homeschool Radio NetworkPeaceful Family Vacations

In “Peaceful Family Vacations,” episode #091, Meredith Curtis reminds you that peaceful family vacations don’t just happen. Would you like to know how they happen? Well, Meredith is happy to give you practical tips and biblical wisdom to help you and your family enjoy rest, refreshment, and family unity on your next family vacation.




Proverbs 1:5 by Laura Nolette and Powerline Productions, Inc.


Powerline Productions, Inc.

Being World Changers, Raising World Changers!

Check out our great literature classes!




Show Notes

Different vacations and rating them on the peaceful quotient.

Cover with Prayer

Pray, pray, and pray. Together and alone.

Plan with Spouse

Discuss Vacation until there is Joyful unity with your spouse.

Give Everyone Ownership

Family meeting where everyone shares goals, expectations, and dreams.

Family group text

Have schedule before you take off

Set A Trip Budget

Everyone needs to know what the budget is and be willing to stay within it.

Weight Comfort vs. Savings option

Comfortable place to sleep

No bugs for Julianna

Hotel vs. Resort vs. Condo vs. House

Settle In After Arrival

Unpack & Have something fun to do when you finish


Balance Relaxing with Go, go, go

Time by the pool


Art Galleries

Amusement Parkts

Plan for the Afternoon Grumpies

Late afternoon is the time when everyone is tired and grumpy, not just toddlers.

Plan a light snack, early dinner, or rest time.

Learn the Fun Way

There are so many opportunities to learn on vacation.

But keep it fun!

Healthy Vacationing

Exercise the fun way

Eat Healthy MOST of the time

Be Positive, Grateful

Share praise reports each evening

Share photos

Laugh and love on each other



"Travel to Europe for the Fun of It" by Meredith Curtis - blog "12 Travel Tips Before You Visit Europe" by Meredith Curtis - Blog "Summer Family Fun" by Meredith Curtis - Blog
Travel God's World Geography by Meredith Curtis Travel God's World Cookbook by Meredith Curtis Travel to London Unit Study by Meredith Curtis Travel the World Country Report Lapbook by Meredith Curtis


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Podcast #53

It’s Summer time!! In this podcast, we look at ways to take a vacation without leaving home! Take a STAYCATION. There are many great ways to enjoy your time off while not leaving home. A staycation is friendly on the family budget too! Explore your area and get to know your state better. You don’t need to go far to relax and have a fun time with family. Florida is possibly one of the best places to take a family staycation. We have so many parks, springs, historical sites and of course, the beach. Florida is blessed with many bodies of water, to get out in the summer time. Florida also has a very rich history, and many locations across the state have places to explore Florida’s past.

Central Florida is the tourist capitol of the world! we are blessed to live in a state that people vacation in! We don’t have to go very far to have a fun time!


Suzanne and Sharon discuss ideas for taking a family staycation in their areas.

Brevard County and the Tampa Area.


Join us this September in Sanibel Island for both fun and learning. Make a staycation of of this FPEA STEM Conference. Sanibel is a beautiful area with lots to explore.

Sanibel STEM


Summer Sun and Roadschool Fun

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The Roadschool Moms team has their sunglasses on and their homeschool calendars out! The first episode of Season 10 is all about roadschooling summer style. MB & KT have chatted before about the summer roadschool rules in their rig. If you missed it, hit the replay here.

This episode is different! These two veteran homeschoolers bring you specific examples of how to take your family on a learning adventure for the sunny season.

Is your family taking a break from a structured homeschool schedule? No problem! Roadschool Moms has you covered with these seven sweet suggestions:

  1. Photography journey
  2. Scavenger hunt plans
  3. Summer Reading Calendars
  4. A Gamer Summer
  5. Postcard Journal
  6. Themed Adventure
  7. Summer Journal

Year-round roadschoolers, don’t fret! This over-the-road duo has three ways to take your learning adventure for a summer spin, too! If structure is still in your homeschool plans for the season, consider:

If your plans aren’t set for June through August, that’s ok. You can take these homeschool planning suggestions on the road with you wherever in the world you are.  Are you still feeling confused or lonely for the months ahead? Connecting with other fulltime RVing families is a breeze for Fulltime Family members. And, for finding a roadmap for your next learning adventure, scroll through the RSM library on iTunes to find over 100 podcast replays.

Roadschool Moms is a live, one-hour weekly broadcast dedicated to the needs and challenges facing today’s roadschool moms. Kimberly Travaglino, co-founder of Fulltime Families, and Mary Beth Goff, the creator of Road Trip Teacher, team up every week to offer listeners a fresh take on homeschooling while traveling full time across America’s backyard.

How to Gain a Fresh Perspective on Your Homeschooling

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how to get a fresh perspective on your homeschool The Homeschool Sanity Show podcast

Thank you for your patience as The Homeschool Sanity Show and I were on vacation. The great thing about my time off is I gained much needed perspective. In this episode, I share how you can gain a fresh perspective on your homeschool too.


Teaching Tip of the Week

Organized Homeschool Challenge of the Week

This week’s challenge is The School Space Challenge.


a hands-free homeschool mom podcast episode

Grammar Galaxy

episode on Grammar Galaxy

Two Awesome Hours

The Purposeful

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FW Radio – Teens and Family Vacations

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Guests host Jenny Rose Curtis will be interviewing Finish Well team members, TJ Miller, Madelynn Streby, and Jimmy Curtis about their family vacations.

Read more about the Finish Well Team at:

MBFLP – Fun and Safety On The Water

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It’s summer, Hal and Melanie are on vacation, and water safety is a big concern. Peter walked on water when Jesus called him (Matthew 14) but most of us don’t have that direct command! We share some thoughts about how we train our kids to be safe around the lake, pool, or beach – even if you can’t afford a country-club swim instructor. It’s important!